LCH Clearnet.

  • Headquarters’ Location:

    London, UK

  • Presence:

    London, Paris, New York, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands

  • Number of Employees:

    approx 1000

  • Website:

Company Snapshot

Clearing houses, or central counterparties (CCPs), facilitate trading and increase market confidence by assuming the counterparty risk when two organisations trade. This means we ensure the financial performance of the trade. If one of the parties fails; the clearing house steps in and honours the trade.
LCH.Clearnet serves a whole variety of international exchanges and platforms, and we also clear many over-the-counter (OTC) asset classes. We are, for example, the world’s number 1 CCP in OTC FX and interest rate swaps, number 2 in fixed income and repo and number 3 in futures and options.

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Full-time Graduate Hires

1. How many graduate places do you anticipate offering in 2013?

2. How many places have been filled in 2012?

3. In which areas of the bank are you placing graduates?
We have graduates rotating into SwapClear, Risk, ForexClear, Credit Default Swaps, Collateral & Liquidity Management, IT, Compliance and Repo & Exchanges.

4. What does a typical graduate rotation look like?
Rotations will vary according to business line. For the Business programme, we offer 3 x 6 month rotations. For IT, we offer 2 x 9 month rotations. See our website, under Business Areas and Opportunites, for more details on what each business line offers

5. Which European offices take graduates?
All graduate roles are based in the London office

6. What are your application deadlines?
1st Feb 2013 for Intern applications. Deadline for graduate applications closed in Dec 2012

7. What is the ratio of applicants to the positions?

8. Briefly describe the hiring process:
We are looking for graduates with/on track for a 2.1 degree and a genuine interest in the financial markets. LCH.Clearnet’s graduate and intern application process is as follows:

Online Application
You must submit your application online. This gives us important background information about you, your education and any work experience you may have. You also need to upload a CV and complete a few competency based questions which help us to best match your skills and interests.

Telephone Interview
Once you pass the initial screening stage, we will invite you to book yourself in for a 25 minute telephone interview at a date and time that’s convenient for you. During the interview we will ask questions about your career motivations, as well as competency based questions where you will have the chance to talk through some of your past experiences

Online Test
Once you have successfully passed the telephone interview stage, we will send you an email with a link to take an online SHL test. Make sure you complete the test within the timeframe specified in the email. Business applicants take the standard numeracy test, which gives you the chance to show us your capacity for working with numbers. IT applicants take the Java test.

Assessment Centre
Finally, we invite successful applicants to an assessment day. This consists of a group exercise, case study and two interviews with managers from the business. The exercises are designed to discover how you work with others and how you work independently.

9. How much do you pay graduates?

10. Do you allow deferred entry and if so, under what circumstances?

Undergraduate Internships:

1. How many summer interns do you anticipate the bank will hire in 2013?

2. How many did you hire in 2012?

3. Which business areas of the bank offer structured internships?
Internships will be offered into general business areas and IT

4. Which European offices offer internships?
Internships are only offered in the London office

5. When are your application deadlines?
1st Feb 2013

6. What is the ratio of applications to positions?

7. What percentage of summer interns where offered full-time positions in 2012?.

8. What percentage of full-time positions were filled by summer interns in 2012?

9. How much do you pay interns?

10. What should interns know about you before applying?