Real Estate

This sector covers all our real estate jobs. No, we’re not talking about the guy who helped you sell your house – these are financial services professionals who research and invest in the real estate sector, or advise clients about where they should be investing.

Careers in real estate finance can be advanced within a number of financial institutions, including investment banks, commercial banks, asset management firms, private equity firms, real estate companies and consultancies.

Investment banks employ real estate professionals in a number of different roles. These include M&A bankers with a focus on the real estate sector, capital markets bankers with an understanding of fund-raising requirements of real estate companies that want to access the debt and equity markets, and equity researchers with an understanding of real estate stock analysis.

Commercial banks recruit property finance teams which assess and manage large commercial real estate loans. Real estate debt managers, for example, monitor a portfolio of loans, identify threats to loan quality and develop strategies for handling distressed and non-performing loans. They prepare credit papers for approval and work with valuers, lawyers, lenders and investors to execute strategies. Many commercial banks nowadays employ so-called ‘workout’ teams to help deal with non-performing real estate loans.

Asset management firms employ real estate investments professionals to manage their real estate funds. Product structuring managers, for example, design new real estate products which meet the commercial objectives of the business and the funds’ target investors. They also identify opportunities to grow existing funds, and must maintain a detailed knowledge of regulatory change and its impact on the real estate industry.

Some private equity funds also recruit real estate professionals to work on buy-outs of real estate companies and to invest in real estate. Jobs may involve identifying and screening new investment opportunities in the real estate sector, building a pipeline of prospective real estate target companies, and working with entrepreneurs, company management, and advisors to negotiate and close real estate transactions. Private equity firms are sometimes open to hiring real estate investment bankers.

Commercial real estate companies get you closer to the action in the property sector. They typically provide facility management and specialist real estate investment services. Although some of their positions are in engineering, maintenance or other non-financial areas, they also offer a wide range of financial real estate jobs, such as brokers, project mangers, financial analysts, finance managers and accountants.

Consultancy firms also have real estate advisory departments whose clients are typically banks, fund managers, institutional investors, property companies, developers and occupiers. These advisory roles help develop effective funding strategies for transactions and businesses, identifying funders and investors, and negotiating terms.