Information Services

This sector contains all our information services jobs. These are generally in companies that provide information to the financial services industry. This information is often used to underpin investment, trading, or lending decisions, but may also be employed simply to gauge how well certain banks or business areas are performing. Companies operating in this sector include, for example, ratings agencies and financially-focused newswires.

Credit rating agencies such as Fitch, Moody’s and Standard & Poors exist to assess the likelihood that organisations issuing debt that’s sold on public markets (ie. organisations issuing bonds or their derivatives) will pay those debts back fully and on time. Both the issuer of the debt and the debt itself are issued ratings indicating their creditworthiness. Issuers can include corporates (companies), sovereigns (national governments), local governments, or charities. The safest debt, which will almost certainly be repaid, is assigned a triple A (AAA) rating. The least safe debt is issued a CCC rating or below, indicating that it’s in danger of default.

Credit ratings agencies employ armies of information analysts to assess the creditworthiness of debt issuers. Junior jobs in information services are typically focused on data- gathering and analysis, while senior analysts will have more responsibility for interpreting data and assigning the rating. Agencies need individuals with quantitative expertise who can create models that underpin the ratings process. Depending upon the types of organisation and debt being rated, they also need sector specialists and people with an understanding of the effect of the macroeconomic climate on sovereign debt repayments.

Data Providers supply financial markets and the global media with critical real-time information such as company share prices, exchange rates, research and analytics, and tools and software for tracking portfolios. They also provide financial and business news services via a number of media channels. The data providing industry is dominated by Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg. There are also other, smaller, more information-specific companies such as Dealogic – which provides coverage of global capital markets, credit markets and mergers and acquisitions – or, for example, Initiative Europe – which provides information on private equity deals.

Jobs within data providers include a variety of graduate information services roles, including for data analysts (analysing information on companies and industry sectors) and journalists (analysing and writing about breaking financial news) as well as jobs in technology (IT and software development) and business development (evaluation and development of the company).

Both data providers and credit ratings agencies also provide an array of ‘operational’ jobs in accountancy, HR, IT and technical support among others.