Industry & Commerce

This sector page contains all our industry and commerce jobs related to strategy and finance. Industry and Commerce covers a wide range of possible businesses in the corporate (non-financial) sector. Here, for example, you will find our roles for financial careers in businesses such as telecommunications, entertainment, pharmaceuticals, or the manufacturing industries.

The corporates in this sector employ large numbers of accountants, as financial accountants, management accountants and controllers. Strictly speaking, financial accountants work on and present figures for external consumption by analysts, the markets or shareholders. Management accountants focus on providing figures for internal communication to help drive the strategy of the business. The smaller the company, the more blurred the lines of demarcation between the two roles. The leading management accounting qualification is run by CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Financial accountants are more likely to have a Chartered Accountant (CA) qualification, or an ACCA.

Supplementary to accounting jobs, this sector covers business development and strategy roles in industry and commerce which often require financial services experience. For example, many large industrial companies will operate their own in-house corporate finance or M&A teams to help them identify target companies for acquisitions, or potential purchasers for disposals. Working as part of an in-house M&A team is frequently pitched as being more interesting than working as part of an M&A team within in an investment bank on the grounds that team members feel more ‘ownership’ of the deals they work on.

Individuals with financial services expertise are also sought for corporate strategy and business jobs or corporate development. Both roles (and those of inhouse M&A advisors) will require an ability to design and implement a business plan, plus financial modelling experience. Candidates often have an investment banking or strategy consulting background.

Corporates also recruit finance professionals to work as treasurers, helping to manage their cashflow. Some companies will also maintain an inhouse venture capital fund to invest in interesting propositions that may contribute to the future development of their business (known as ‘corporate venturing’). Individuals with venture capital, private equity and accounting experience are also needed to staff these funds.

Finally, there is typically significant movement between the non-customer facing areas of financial services companies and companies in other industries. All organisations need IT staff, HR staff, business analysts and project managers, offering many possibilities for financial careers in industry and commerce. Jobs in industrial non-financial services companies may also be found in this section.