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Investment Banking Internships

If you want to get into a graduate programme at an investment bank, you'll almost certainly need an internship. Investment banks offer students the chance for an initial insight week (often called a Spring Week) during their first year of university, which is usually the feeder into a summer analyst programme - often the last step before a full-time offer. Around 75% of investment banks' graduate recruits are internship conversions, so it's important you make the most of the opportunity.

Investment Banking Internship preparationHow to prepare for an internship in IBD

If you’ve just started an internship in the investment banking division (IBD) of a large bank, you’re one step closer to securing a full-time job in arguably the most competitive

Deutsche Bank internshipHow to convert your internship at Deutsche Bank

If you’re heading into Deutsche Bank’s front office for an internship this summer, you should have the eventual goal of converting it into a full-time offer. Internships are the main

Operations Internship preparationHow to prepare for an internship in operations

Every year large banks hire hundreds of graduates globally into their operations departments – both in major financial centres and in ‘cost effective’ locations from Bournemouth to Bangalore. A large proportion of