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Career Guide: Fund Management

Fund management firms manage huge amounts of money on behalf of pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and the man on the street. They employ thousands of portfolio managers, research analysts and sales and marketing professionals all looking to beat the competition and produce long-term performance for investors. Despite their size, even the largest fund managers in the world hire only a handful of graduates for their analyst programmes and are as selective as the large investment banks in who they take on. This is what you need to know about getting your first job in an asset management firm.

Fund Management Career PathsCareer paths in fund management

If you’re a graduate starting out in fund management, you’ll come in as an analyst. Unlike investment banks, where the term implies you’re a junior banker required to work your way

Fund Management SkillsSkills you’ll need in fund management

One of the key skills any portfolio manager needs to show is critical thinking. This might seem like a slightly simple way of summarising a complex job, but in any