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Career Guide: Corporate Banking

Corporate banking is an all-encompassing term for the services provided to companies - from large multi-national conglomerates to small and medium enterprises. Banks rely on repeat business from their clients, so people who work in corporate banking need to know how to build long-term relationships. Corporate banking jobs have risen to prominence recently. It's a key profit driver for most multi-national banks and their retrenchment from investment banking and trading has not affected corporate banking to the same extent.

Corporate Banking SkillsSkills needed to work in corporate banking

The best corporate bankers are able to convey complex financial information in a way that’s easy for clients to understand and apply to their businesses. “Strong communication skills” and the

Corporate Banking Career PathsCareer paths in corporate banking

Later in their careers, corporate bankers are required to develop in-depth knowledge of the particular industry they cover, but you don’t need to specialise during your training at analyst level,