These are the people about to make a lot of money at BTG Pactual in London; this is who BTG Pactual Europe likes to hire

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BTG Pactual is the place to be. As William Wright points out, the bank makes revenues of $1.9m per employee, three times as much as Goldman Sachs et al. When BTG floats later this month, it will raise up to $15bn, making $150m for various its executives and $200m each for Roger and Huw Jenkins (even though Roger officially joined as managing partner only in October 2011). Other staff will also do well, although not as well – maybe just $25m or so, the only downer here apparently being some punitive lock-ins.

Nevertheless, all those who joined BTG Europe Pactual in London since its launch here in 2006 are looking very lucky, or very prescient. Or, both.

In the interest of adulation, we’ve listed all their names below (as per the FSA Register). We’ve also listed when they started with BTG according to the FSA, where they worked before (when it’s available), and what they’re doing there (if they joined recently).

If you want to work at BTG, you may struggle to get in before the IPO. However, it’s worth noting that BTG Pactual Europe does appear to be hiring. Right now, it has 48 registered persons in London, up from 24 at the start of 2011. So far in 2012, it’s registered three new people with the FSA.

BTG’s London office operates mostly as an asset manager and hedge fund, but is also building a European client-facing business.

Many of its most recent hires seem to be affiliated to David Herzberg BTG’s managing partner and head of international equity trading, who joined from JPMorgan in May last year. Herzberg is in charge of a, ‘fund-like structure,’ which began trading BTG’s proprietary capital on August 1st.

Last July, Herzberg said he managed 10 people in London and that he wanted to double this over the next 12 months. Since then, he’s hired two structured product specialists from RBS (Luis Dos Santos, Carlos Cacao) and some hedge fund professionals from GLG and PVA Capital.  He's also hired Benajmin Clerget from SocGen as head of equity derivatives and Michael Bancroft from Polygon as head of convertibles trading.

Here, based upon extrapolation from the list below, is who BTG likes to recruit. If you think you’re in with a chance, and are senior, you may wish to get in touch with Spencer Stuart, who we understand deal with the BTG’s  London hiring needs.

1. BTG likes to hire from UBS

14 of the 46 people registered with BTG in London are from UBS. If you have UBS on your CV and you know Huw Jenkins, you may be in with a chance.

2. BTG likes to hire from JPMorgan

We suspect that Herzberg is open to hiring from JPM. However, this is not statistically proven: he only appears to have hired 1 JPM banker since he joined.

3. BTG likes to hire from hedge funds

Based on the list below, we suggest the perfect profile for BTG is a former banker (from UBS), who’s spent a few years at a hedge fund.

4.  BTG likes to hire men

48 registered persons. 2 are women.

Here's who works for BTG Pactual in London:

David Gordon Anderson – joined in March 2010 from UBS, was an emerging markets rates trader, studied at theUniversityofEdinburgh.

Michael James Bancroft – joined July 2011 from ISM Capital. Worked at JPMorgan until 2002.

Nicholas Bodman Morris – started January 2012, previously managed a book of Brazilian clients at UBS Wealth Management.

Stephen Irwin Brown – started 2009, previously with UBS.

Mathew Canning – started October 2011, no previous record with the FSA.

Benjamin Clerget – started January 2012, came from SocGen. Equity derivatives specialist.

Cyril Delaprez – started 2007 – no previous record.

Marat Djaforov – started 2009, previously with UBS.

Mr Luis Rodofo Goncalves P. F. Dos Santos, started July 2011, previously with RBS.

Mr Daniel Dupont Ribeiro, started January 2010, previously with Nomura and Lehman.

Mr Carlos Miguel Eiras Cacao, started August 2011, previously with RBS and UBS.

Mr Lee William Ellis, started November 2007, no previous record.

Mr Antoine Estier, started July 2009, previously at UBS.

Mr Alessio Ali Farhadi, started May 2010, previously with BNP Paribas.

Mr Alexander Rodney Garrard, started July 2009, previously with UBS.

Mr Fabrizio Giurda, started August 2011, previously unregistered with the FSA.

Mr Dirk Heim, started February 2011, previously with Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Marble Bar Asset Management.

Mr David Eliezer Herzberg, started May 2011, previously with JPMorgan.

Mr Igor Hordiyevych, started July 2010, previously with UBS.

Mr Daniel Edward Isaac Horsley, started November 2011, previously with GLG Partners.

Mr Thomas Michael Hyer, started November 2011, previously with UBS. A Standford Ph.D, he was previously global head of UBS's unified quant group.

Mr Duncan Michael Ilsley, started March 2010, previously with Itau BBA UK Securities Limited.

Mr Roberto Isolani, started May 2010, previously with UBS.

Mr Evan Scott Jacobs, started September 2011, head of legal, previously counsel with Alliance Bernstein inNew York.

Mr Steven Michael Jacobs, started January 2011. The current Chief Executive Officer of BTG Pactual (CEO). Studied at theUniversityofBrighton. Worked for Ernst & Young as corporate finance advisory and UBS private banking as member of the acquisiton team in 2000. He was appointed  head of global strategy at UBS in 2005.

Mr John Huw Gwili Jenkins, started June 2010, managing partner at BTG Pactual, previously with UBS where he was global head of equities and CEO of the investment bank.

Mr Roderick Adam Knowles, started September 2009, previously with Merrill Lynch.

Mr Christian Bernard Philippe Laloe, started March 2010, previously with Argo Capital Management.

Mr Emiliano Leggieri, started March 2011, previously with FM Capital Partners.

Mr Dinesh Mahajan, started April 2011, previously with Merrill Lynch and then PVE Capital.

Ms Corinne Maillet, started August 2008, previously with Lehman.

Mr Julian Lachlan Maquieira Silverwood-Cope, started February 2011, not previously registered.

Mr Andrew Stewart McDougall, started March 2012, previously with Moore Capital and Credit Suisse.

Mr Jordi Orriols-Gil, started May 2011, previously with Merrill Lynch.

Mr Gautier Andre Pierre Oudine, started August 2011, previously with JPMorgan.

Dr Niccolo Ragnini Kothny, started February 2011, previously with UBS.

Mr Edward Richard Rodrigues, started August 2011, previously with Merrill Lynch.

Mr Marco Ronchi, started October 2006, previously with JPMorgan.

Mr Neil Sadler, started September 2011, previously unregistered with the FSA.

Ms Neila Sula, started April 2010, previously with Endeavour Capital Management.

Mr Simon Paul Taylor, started July 2009, previously with UBS (Dillon Read Capital Management) and Brevan Howard.

Mr Hari Narain Thirumalai, started September 2011, previously with UBS and Bank of America.

Mr Julien Felix Robert Trucy, started September 2011, previously seems to have worked for BNP Paribas in Brazil.

Ms Judith Kathryn Wheelan, started July 2011, actually started in 2010, is a senior relationship manager previously with BarCap.

Mr Scott Wilson, joined November 2011, not previously registered .

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