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INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: Standard Chartered, wealth management (private banking), graduate position




Can you suggest a suitable strategy for handling a client whose ‘willingness to take risk’ exceeds his ‘ability to take risk’?


I replied that the willingness and ability to take risks are both subjective factors and solely on clients’ discretion due to their psychological perspective on the risk/return characteristics of a security. In my opinion the appropriate way is to counsel the client, keeping in view their financial and emotional expectations. As an adviser, our duty is not to change the client’s psychological beliefs, but to devise a sound financial strategy in accordance with their financial circumstances.


What are your greatest strengths in terms of helping our clients achieve their financial goals?


I said my interpersonal, communication, analytical and problem solving skills would definitely help clients realize their financial objectives. All of these are vital to developing an understanding of number of factors including but not limited to: clients’ risk, return, liquidity, tax constraints and unique circumstances. From there. I can advise clients on the financial options that met their needs.


What are the most significant events to have impacted the wealth management industry recently?


I responded that although wealth management industry is affected by a number of factors, the recent significant one is the credit crunch. In the long run, I said this has positively impacted the industry because according to the World Wealth Report by Merrill Lynch it is expected that by 2013 the wealth of high net worth individuals will rise to around $48.5 trillion.

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We cannot guarantee the authenticity of these questions nor the accuracy of the answers: they are what one candidate claims to have been asked by Standard Chartered and have not been verified by the bank.

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