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Career case studies: Trading technology analyst

Joanna Aleksandrowicz2

Joanna Aleksandrowicz graduated from Warsaw University of Technology with an MSc degree in Artificial Intelligence. She joined the J.P. Morgan graduate scheme in January 2010.

Describe your current job?

I work in trading technology within the market data group. We support market data services across several lines of business and with users across trading and non-trading floors, and liaise with IT vendors. We try to make sure that the various services for the businesses are working all the time. We manage big technology projects, and make sure that connectivity and new applications are up to date. We also handle new solutions and upgrades.

What made you choose banking rather than another industry?

After graduation, I worked at a consulting firm as an intern and worked on a project for a European bank. I really enjoyed the business of banking and thought it would be a good career choice. Later, JPMorgan organised an event for women in technology and I took part in it. When I came in for the interview, I liked the culture and the opportunities that exist in technology at the firm.

What skills are most important?

Analytical and logical thinking are critical, particularly as issues occur. You need to act fast to get to the source of problems that arise, so you can fix them quickly. Also, you must have an attention to detail. With new solutions and new connectivity applications, you have to ensure that every possible scenario is accounted for so that any issues are kept to a minimum.

What’s the best part of your job?

Being able to interact with many different groups of people. On a daily basis, I talk to traders in different businesses, as well as vendors. It’s great to develop new relationships with external and internal groups. There’s so much happening. It’s a dynamic role and the variety of work and talent is such that I’m always learning.

And what do you think makes you good at it?

I’m good at prioritising things. I need to think about what’s most important and that requires an understanding of business.

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