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Career case studies: Wealth management

Raymond Lam2

Based in Sydney, Raymond Lam graduated from NAB’s graduate program in 2009 and is now aprivate client manager within its Private Wealth division. He has a double degree in commerce and arts from the University of NSW (2008). His majors include an eclectic mix of finance, economics, psychology and politics.

What made you choose wealth management?

Wealth management appealed to me because I wanted a client facing role. Within wealth management, a private banking role was my preferred choice because I wanted to deal directly with a select number of clients rather than names on a piece of paper. The position allows me to form tangible relationships with clients and really get to know them and their situations.

What does your job involve? 

I deal directly with high-net-wealth clients on a daily basis. I am their first point of contact and act as a conduit for them to access all our services like wealth advice, risk management, estate planning, markets, full service broking and philanthropy to name a few. Whilst my personal area of expertise is banking, I’m sufficiently versed in our holistic offering to identify client needs across our spectrum of products and services.

What’s good about working in wealth management? 

The most enjoyable part of my job is meeting clients and having in depth discussions about their financial goals and aspirations. Longer term, I enjoy building a trusted adviser status with my clients.

What’s it like being a banker for high-net-worth individuals? Do you have any famous clients?

It keeps you on your toes, delivering banking services to high-net-wealth individuals. I keep my BlackBerry on me at all times. It’s very stimulating, as high-net-wealth clients usually have more sophisticated needs. I have many clients with fascinating stories and who are household names but I can’t divulge any details due to client confidentiality.

How do you see your career progressing?

My personal progression will involve the refinement of my skills, knowledge-base and experience. If opportunities present themselves, I’ll evaluate them on their merits, but I’m in no rush to change roles as I view private banking relationships with clients as a long-term proposition.  I’d consider a position overseas in the future, depending on market conditions and my stage of life at the time.

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