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Career case studies: Capital markets analyst

Jason Occi

Jason Occi studied at the University of Maryland and majored in Finance. He is currently an analyst in Morgan Stanley’s global capital markets division, having joined the bank in 2009.

How did you end up in capital markets?
I actually started my career on the buy-side during the financial crisis. It was obviously a challenging market and I decided I’d rather move to a more diversified investment bank to help broaden my skill set. After visiting the Morgan Stanley careers website, I leveraged some prior relationships and attended one of the bank’s networking events. Eventually I was accepted into its training programme and that helped me get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Why do you believe you’re good at what you do?

As a capital markets analyst, I need to be able to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, as well as absorb and react to all sorts of data. I’ve also developed a reputation for being dependable and exercising good judgment; two valuable assets I acquired while on the job.

What about it appeals to you personally?

Being on a team and the competitive dynamics of the job are what appeal to me the most. They remind me of my experiences on the golf team at the University of Maryland. The job requires you to work hard and earn the trust of your teammates. Being able to have a direct, meaningful impact on clients also makes the job rewarding.

What have you found most challenging?
Unpredictable requests, particularly those received at the last minute. We have to be able to prioritise tasks and stay organised all the time. I’d say that’s one of the most challenging, demanding and integral parts of the job. But the more experience you get, the better you become at balancing the workload.

What are you working on today?

I’m currently working on some debt financing transactions, in collaboration with our M&A team in investment banking. I also speak frequently with the treasury teams at large companies to provide financing terms and market updates for both live and potential transactions.

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