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Career case studies: M&A analyst

Nathalie Ferretti

Nathalie Ferretti is an M&A analyst at Rothschild. She studied Economics with a Study in Continental Europe at Bristol University and joined the Rothschild graduate programme in 2010.

What are the key elements of your job?

One of the most important pieces of advice we give is our opinion on how much they should expect to pay for a company or sell a company for, so a large part of the job involves coming up with a suitable valuation. In order to do this we need to understand the business and also take a view on the outlook for the industry as a whole.

What’s your average day like?

If I’m working on a live transaction I would expect to get involved with tasks such as writing an Information Memorandum (a detailed document describing the company for sale which is given to potential bidders) or putting together management presentations.

If I’m helping to write a pitch book then I would spend time carefully researching the potential client’s business and industry as it’s important to have a good understanding of this if we want to win the mandate over our competitors. I also do a lot of financial modelling and analysis for valuation purposes.

If I’m lucky I might get invited to a client meeting which is always very interesting. When things are quiet I can generally finish around 8pm, although on busier days I’ve finished significantly past midnight!

What are the best things about your job?

You can take on a lot of responsibility very quickly, something you really start to notice once people begin to trust you more and more. I also like the fact that no day is the same and that it’s a constant learning process, not only just in the first few years but all the way through your career.

There must be some downsides though?

The long hours take a bit of getting used to and it’s difficult to make plans during the week as it’s quite rare that I’m out of the office before 10pm.

How do you see your career progressing?

In five years’ time I hope to have started to build my own list of client contacts and to have worked on a large and varied list of transactions. I expect I’ll be much more involved in client pitches as well as in the management side of a transaction process.

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  1. Dear Paul,

    I also want to join M&A area as the successful student you post on the website.

    I will graduate with CFA in ICMA, University of Reading, in June.

    What is more, I am familiar with Cantonese because my hometown is Guangzhou.

    Would you give me some suggestion how to chase the career in M&A?

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