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JP Morgan – undergraduate internships offered

Number of positions in Europe 2004:

About 120, of which 30 will be in continental Europe.

Percentage of interns from continental Europe (2003):


Ratio of applicants to positions:

In 2002, approximately 50:1

Minimum academics:

Minimum 2:1 at UK degree level, plus 26 UCAS A level points.

How to apply:

At the bank’s website www.360career.com

When to apply:

Applications for summer internships open on 1 January 2004; for the JPMorgan Spring Week (a work experience programme for first-year students completing a three-year degree or students in their second year of a four-year degree) they open on 1 December 2003.

Length and dates of internships (2003):

Summer July-September in London; long-term internships offered all year round.

Training offered during internship:

Detailed on the job experience and product knowledge sessions

Methods of assessment (ie. formal examination, presentation etc.):

Interviews and numerical test as well as skills assessment

Approximate pay (2002/2003 estimated):


Conversion rate (% of interns offered a full time position 2003):

About 50%

Percentage of full time graduate vacancies filled by summer interns (2003):

35% max


Not disclosed

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