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View the first entries to our 1,000 prize video competition (and add an entry of your own)!

We’ve had the first entries in to our student video competition. Some are frankly bizarre, others are clearly made by would-be bankers with a degree of creative talent.

Click on the images below to view them. Please also note that the competition is STILL OPEN. Not only are we STILL LOOKING FOR ENTRIES, we’ve also increased the value of the prize to a Wii Sport, plus cash to the value of 1,000.

If this isn’t an inducement to start filming, let us know what is!

As a reminder, the brief is to say why, despite the financial crisis, you still think the industry’s for you.

You don’t need a top camera, simply open your camera phone and make a video of around 30 seconds. Upload it to anywhere YouTube, and send us the URL to editor@eFinancialCareers.com, along with your name, your university, a screen name to appear next to the video, and your contact details.

We’ll showcase the best videos on the eFinancialCareers Student Centre. At the end of the competition, a panel of experts will judge the best one, and the winner will receive a prize worth 1,000, including a Wii with Wii Sports, plus cash.

The competition is open until Monday 31st May.

Some of the submissions so far

eFinancialCareers competition7

eFinancialCareers competition7

eFinancialCareers competition7

eFinancialCareers competition7

eFinancialCareers competition8

eFinancialCareers competition1

eFinancialCareers competition2

eFinancialCareers competition3

eFinancialCareers competition4

eFinancialCareers competition5

eFinancialCareers competition6

Here’s a short video to get you into the swing of things:

If you wish to see all the entries for our competition, click here.

Rules · The competition opens on Monday 15th March 2010

· Closing date is Monday 31st May 2010

·The prize consists of one Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports Console plus cash to the value of 1,000, to be delivered to the winner within Europe.

· No cash alternative can be substituted for the prize

· The winner will be notified within 10 days of the closing date

· The results of the competition will be announced on this site before end May 2010.

· The judging panel will be constituted of editors at eFinancialCareers together with the former head of Recruitment at Societe Generale, Ray Baptiste, who is now an independent search consultant, and who will choose the final winner

· In order be eligible for the prize, you must be a current student at a University or Business School within Europe.

Comments (6)

  1. Is this a joke? I cant wait to see the efforts.

    As for saying ‘avoid looking like Aleksy Vayner’, I dont think he consciously knew what an idiot he was looking like when he prepared his video. Nor, no doubt, will the stream of wannabes we are going to see ending up doing the exact same thing. As for appearing in videos talking about how much you want to be an I-Banker (cringe), this will not look good to prospective employers (see A.J and Models & Bottles).

    Are you serious? Reply
  2. @FX & Money Markets – It’s not a joke, but the videos are supposed to be slightly humourous. If anything, we’re encouraging people not to show their faces so that they can be a little more ‘creative’.

    Sarah, Editor, eFinancialCareers Reply
  3. I think this sounds like a fun idea and a great prize. I for one will be submitting an entry!

  4. These guys are so full of crap it’s ridiculous, is no one going to admit that the overwhelming reason they want to go into banking is for the prestige, money and the ability to reply to the inevitable ‘…so what do you do?’ with ‘I’m an INVESTMENT BANKER’ and watch as the person who asks the question suddenly feels overcome with inferiority or starts trying to get into their good books!?! If the industry/ efinancialcareers (prize money) didn’t pay as much I estimate 100% of these guys would not have posted up a video, yet no one mentions what this whole thing is all about- cash, and the things/ people it can buy! Sure trading is great fun, and macro is interesting but so is government and politics or consulting…I revising for finals atm but if I had time I would spread cash on a table film it, and submit that as my entry!

  5. Hi Malcolm,

    Can you email us with your contact details – we need a log of everyone who’s entered (so that we can get in touch in case you win!).

    Sarah, Editor, eFinancialCareers Reply

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