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JP Morgan, operations, (graduate)


Why JP Morgan?


I gave many numbers and facts (operating in x countries, having x employees worldwide, having won specific awards from different financial magazines – ie 1st USD clearer globally etc) as well as mentioned multinationality in their culture, diversity, growth numbers, great leaders etc.


Who do you see as a role model? Can you give an example of someone you think has huge influence in the world?


I mentioned Jamie Dimon and described why (he seen worldwide as a great leader, big growth numbers for the company since he joined, very careful with expenses, high integrity, strong character). I had reviewed his biography before the interview. For HSBC I was asked if I know who is the CEO, so it is always good to know the leaders of the company.


These questions were provided to us by a candidate claiming to have interviewed at the institution named above. We cannot guarantee that these were the actual questions asked.

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