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Plenty of temping jobs for graduates

According to financial services recruitment firm Joslin Rowe, banks and custody firms are hiring graduates on temporary contracts to fill roles such as derivative operations, dividend calculation, collateral management and equity trade support & settlements.

Although the temporary roles don’t offer instant access to the most desirable front-office (client-facing) jobs in areas such as M&A and sales and trading, they can be a possible stepping stone to the more prestigious and higher paying areas of banking. “This is good for people who haven’t done well in the milkround and need to get some experience on their CV,” says Joslin Rowe spokeswoman Belinda Walmsley.

Successful applicants will need a 2.1 in a numerate or financially-focused degree, Excel skills and a demonstrable interest in financial services. Applicants should send CVs and covering letters to banktemp@JoslinRowe.com.

Pay ranges from 12 to 16 per hour (around 30k a year) and contracts typically last a minimum of three months.

Separately, Financial News reports that banks are hiring an average 13.5% more graduates to their official recruitment schemes in 2007 than in 2006. Nomura and Bank of America have seen some of the biggest increases, while Goldman Sachs increased the number of trainees it’s hiring from 268 to 324, an increase of 21%.

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  1. how do i get into asset management with a 2.1 in Mathematics

  2. but How to get to students have 2:2 in degree. mark should not be so important .i think student get 2:2 have abilityto do the job as all those students get 2:1 . i think 2: 2 student and oversea studentshould get the same opportunity in getting jobs the area which they are expecting at .

  3. If you would like to send me a copy of your CV I can see if one of the Joslin Rowe consultants can help you? Typically it helps if you have some kind of relevant work experience and your degree is from a top ten university. However, we can certainly advise. You can either browse our graduate vacancies at http://www.joslinrowe.com/graduate-jobs or send your CV to BelindaWalmsley@blomfieldgroup.com

    Belinda Walmsley Reply
  4. I am a Caribbean student who sucessfully completed a finance based MSc. in London. I did not have the chance to do internships before having just come to the UK. Now that I am applying for entry-level roles I am being told I need financial services experience.

    I have transferable skills and knowledge applicable to the roles I apply for. I have a 2.1 degree having gained 2 scholarships (1 international) to cover my MSc. programme. I have an HSMP visa so a work permit is not the problem.

    I am really interested in export/trade/commodity finance as well commodity trading. The MSc.exposed me to energy,metals and agricultural commodities. I have applied widely but cannot even land an interview for so called “entry level” or internship roles because everyone I call says I need financial services experience. What can I do?

  5. I graduated from Imperial College this year with a 2.2 in Physics, and have been trying to get a job in the financial services industry.

    I keep reading how companies only want to hire graduates with 2.1s or better. I understand that they probably think this is some kind of standard indicator of a candidate’s intelligence and potential, but when they also make a point of not being too discerning about the subject area your degree is in, I get a little annoyed.

    To be honest, I’m pretty certain my lower second in physics is the equal if not better than some 2.1s, even firsts, especially if they are in a humanities subject.

  6. I have just graduated from a top UK university and am finishing summer internship in a leading investment bank’s front office. It is highly likely that I will get an returning offer but I wanna move to middle/back office instead. (Yes, I can’t stand the crazy hours and need a life). I am wondering if your firm has an temping role in middle/back offices? thanks.

  7. Dear Caribbean Student,
    Try to network with Alumni, go to agencies, etc. Good luck!

  8. Dear William,

    Yours is a common frustration we hear from graduates and is a sign of just how competitive the industry has become. However, I’ve had a chat to our banking desk and we would certainly be interested in seeing your CV. Depending on your other experience/academics we do know of clients who would be interested in your application with the 2:2 in physics.

    Belinda Walmsley, Joslin Rowe Reply
  9. I came to live in UK in 2000 from Africa but had 2A’s and 2B’s in A-level, currently studing Financial Information Management at a university below 80th position on university league table I am interested in project management, treasury or Global Investment, what are my chances of getting internship and how do I get into these professions?

  10. Dear SJC,

    Again we can certainly see if we can help you and yes, we are recruiting for a number of positions in the areas you mentioned. We would want to make sure this is definitely the career move you wish to make as it can be very difficult to change your focus once you have started down a particular career path and it sounds as though you are in a strong position at the moment with lots of choices. If you wish to discuss this further please drop your CV to me at the address above or visit the Joslin Rowe website.

    Belinda Walmsley, Joslin Rowe Reply
  11. SJC,

    You are very different! you could work there for couple of years and then move to back office within the same company.

  12. Dear “need advice student,”

    I may be able to advise you further if I have a better understanding of your profile. Please feel free to send it through and I will see if I can offer any pointers.

    kind regards,


    Belinda Walmsley, Joslin Rowe Reply
  13. SJC,

    If you wl get an offer from your fiirm, tell them that and they will give you a middle office position. Obviously first will wonder why , don’t say long hours but more in line with the type of experience a middle office role will give you. Then you can mention work-life balance.

    The front office jobs are not for everybody and the internship is a way of determining that. If that is the case i say why even middle office in banking maybe you should look at an alternative career.

  14. I recently submitted my cv to your temps@joslinrowe address stating that i’ve just graduated, am moving to london and wish to begin temping however, I received a call from someone who deals with permanent positions which i’m currently not interested in. Is the best course of action to resend my CV to banktemp@JoslinRowe.com and start over or is there someone i could call to check whether my CV has already been sent across to the relevant people?

  15. i’ve recently graduated with a post graduate certificatein Accounting and Finance from the Bradford School of Management, what are my chances of getting a temp role in a Investment Banking role? im trying to gather as much feedback as possible and would be grateful for ur help


  16. Been to agencies and at least 4 advised they mainly place for experienced roles so I must approach employers directly. Thanks for the kind wishes. I’ll keep pressing on.

    Caribbean student Reply
  17. I have just graduated from a top UK university with a high 2.1 in philosophy: I understand that it is not a financially focused degree, but I do have a good Pure Mathematics A level. Also, my degree has challenged me to think analytically and critically. I am a very fast learner with a sharp mind, some clerical work experience and the drive to succeed: would anyone be interested in my CV?

    Philosophy student Reply
  18. Hi Faheem,

    Well temping isn’t the easy option (although it is a little more flexible than permanent recruitment) so although sometimes “raw” graduates (which is the term for those without any experience in the banking and finance world)do secure a position, applicants with even a few weeks work experience or of course those with the holy grail of an internship have most success.

    Belinda Walmsley Reply
  19. Hi Anthony,

    You need to be applying to all the intership vacancies you possibly can. Joslin Rowe doesn’t recruit for these nor do any agencies as a rule – but your University careers library will be able to help you. Your chances of securing the internship although influenced heavily by where you are studying and your degree/previous academics etc, is also influenced by your own person knowledge in the areas you are interested in. So as much as you can do to read about the financial world and involve yourself in university challenges and societies that are affiliated to these interests, the better.

    Belinda Walmsley Reply
  20. Hi NH,

    It may have been that there was the perfect permanent position that your skills at the time suited and they wanted to rule out whether you were looking for temporary or permanent roles. If you want to send your CV to me directly Belindawalsmley@blomfieldgroup.com or the banktemp@joslinrowe address we can take another look.

    kind regards


    Belinda Walmsley Reply
  21. Hi Boris,

    No Joslin Rowe doesn’t recruit for internships – very few agencies do that i know of. The banks do all the recruitment for this themselves and your university careers department will be able to set you on the right track. Don’t be too concerned about the recruitment process, as long as you visit your careers service asap they can start to fill you in on how to increase your chances of securing an internship and then a permanent position.

    As to your query about part time roles – they do exist. However, they don’t tend to be at graduate level.


    Belinda Walmsley Reply
  22. Jiayu: With a 2.2 and poor writing skills you will not get far..

  23. What about for people coming from non finance degrees? I am going into the final year of an arts degree, is there still any hope for me considering I have secured an internship this summer?

  24. I’ve just left a phd programm in applied maths, my funding ran out. But i really want to get into the quantitative side of financial analysis. I already have an Msc and an MA in mathematics and computing but i just can’t get the interviews because i don’t have enough experience. Are there temp jobs in the quant side of things?

    Stephen Connolly Reply
  25. I’m a student from a top italian university planning to graduate ( with 2:1 in banking and finance degree)in december.I’m doing a 6-month internship in operations department in a top us investment bank, but looking for M&A analyst role.Can your firm help me?

  26. Hi Belinda, when you say Finance experience, what does that specifically, i am interning at a bank (before university) but im not in Front Office, (MO) could i have “finance” Experience?

  27. Hi V,

    Yes “finance” experience is my shorthand for someone who has any kind of experience in the financial services sector – whether this be in front, middle, back office. So yes, it would seem as though you are well on your way to gaining very important experience.

    kind regards,


    Belinda Walmsley Joslin Rowe Reply
  28. Hi everyone that I have yet to reply to personally,

    I think this posting should cover most of your queries to date. I think one thing that some of you may be thinking is that temporary work can provide the “work experience” many of you require to get ahead. Whilst we do sometimes take on exceptional grads with no experience generally the criteria for temporary jobs in investment banks still requires a little relevent experience already (even a few weeks will do it) then once you can get your foot in the door its THIS experience gained whilst temping that generally leads to a permanent position (that’s what I meant in the original article about it being an option for those not successful in finding a perm job via the milkround etc) Temporary roles are normally right across the board so cover almost every area you can think of but in a more “support” capacity (ie at the entry level these roles are rarely very front office facing).

    Hope that helps clarify things. Do continue to email me via BelindaMartin@blomfieldgroup.com if you have other queries or if you think you fit the bill CV wise, send your details to banktemp@joslinrowe.com

    Belinda Walmsley Reply
  29. I’m a 1st class grad (in a Maths based BSc from a top 10-15 Uni) with a year’s solid experience where I worked in finance for a leading IT company. Despite my attempts to enter I-Banking via the grad schemes, the answer is always the same: “you do not have strong enough A-levels” (240 UCAS exc. General Studies). What is the possibility and how can I get a role in Research or Risk for a leading IB considering my far more recent accomplishments in my degree and also my current role for a small/medium trade house as an Analyst?

  30. I am an LSE graduate with a 2.1 in BA Geography. I was always lead to believe that studying to degree level at a good uni with good results would almost guarantee you a good job. Evidently, this is false. Work experience is vital to landing a good job. Sadly, unlike my peers I did not have the networks/resources to let me know. Although I have not studied economics or accounting, I do believe I have developed a range of skills and qualities through my geography degree. To what extent can we separate financial institutions from broader geographical issues? Is it not globalization that enables businesses to compete on an international scale. Since post 16 education I have worked in the retail sales industry, only to get some extra cash to support myself through my studies. I appreciate this is not finance related. However, I have acquired important skills, such as building relationships, communication and leadership. How far does your degree matter anyway? I have spoken to an MD in GS who studied French at uni. I know a few people who have told me that their degree is irrelevant now, as they are being trained on what the company wants them to know. Can anyone help me.

    Steph, LSE graduate Reply
  31. Hi there,

    I’m currently studying business management and will be going into my third year this September. My query is regarding seeking advice in the finance sector, as you know finance has so many different areas in which one can work in. I was wondering if any one could advise me what area would be suitable to consider. I am a hard working dedicated student however would like to work in an area that does not require intense maths and stats and strong numerical skills. I am not saying I find it difficult but would prefer something a bit more relaxed and more theory based perhaps? I have been recommended consulting from peers?

    Can anyone please help?

  32. Hi there,

    I’m currently studying business management and will be going into my third year this September. My query is regarding seeking advice in the finance sector, as you know finance has so many different areas in which one can work in. I was wondering if any one could advise me what area would be suitable to consider. I am a hard working dedicated student however would like to work in an area that does not require intense maths and stats and strong numerical skills. I am not saying I find it difficult
    but would prefer something a bit more relaxed and more theory based perhaps? I have been recommended consulting from peers. Can anyone please help?

  33. i am a pakistani business graduate and i have passed acca part 1 and four exams of acca part 2.Apart from this i am doing postgraduet diploma in economics from lse and i am a member of british computing societ and apering for their post graduate course in april. What long time chances i have got and how can i find a training contract in uk being an overseas student. help me please.

  34. I agree with the comment above. Jiayu, I understand that you’re frustrated with the fact that a 2.2 student should be able to demonstrate his/her skills, but you also need to communicate well. As a foreign student myself, I know writing well in a 2nd language can be tough, but employers, even for temp roles, will care very little. Perhaps it is this aspect that is letting you down?

  35. Thanks for everyone’s advices.

    I am wondering how difficult is it to get into HR or headhunting? Will my front office internship experience and strong languages skills get me into HR in investment banks or headhunting? I only got a 2.2 from Imperial College (It’s the most stingiest uni that gives out good grades!) BUT, I believe I have natural sales ability.

    Lastly, reminding those who want to get into investment banks’ front offices, you really need to think carefully. i know you might have heard this a lot of time, but please let me remind u – this is not a place for everyone. The amount of workloads, the long hours, the aggressive colleagues, the back stabbing (luckily I am only a witness) etc. Thank god it’s only an internship!


  36. I graduated recently with a high 1st from a ‘top university’ – but not in anything finance-related. On the hand, I AM, I think, highly ‘numerate’, but have no qualifications to prove it (My first degree was in Pure Maths, but I dropped out before taking my final exams). Could I not do some kind of aptitude test to demonstrate my mathematical/numerical ability?
    (In brief, my problem is the opposite of William above.)
    What can I do to get a job, and quickly?

  37. The sad fact is banks get thousands of applicants and your degree result is an easy filter. I know people working for UBS, Lazards and ABM Ambro with 2:2s, its just a lot harder to get in unless you are lucky or know someone – dont give up.

  38. im in my last year of college (in year 13 ) and will goin uni from sep 2008 is it still possible to gain an internship at a investment bank or am i too young?

  39. MJ – Some banks offer 2-week Easter Taster Sessions for pre-undergrads. Maybe Lehman but I forget.

    woodie_woodpeck Reply
  40. In response to William’s comment: (‘To be honest, I’m pretty certain my lower second in physics is the equal if not better than some 2.1s, even firsts, especially if they are in a humanities subject ‘).

    The City is a hard-edged and competetitve environment. Whereas Imperial ranks as one of the top British Universities, the challenges presented by their Physics Department will seem like NOTHING compared to what most Banking jobs demand.

    Furthermore, having achieved a First from a University which ranks above yours, I find your attempt to belittle other people’s achievements as both arrogant and naive.

    I encourage you alter your attitude and then work out a much better excuse for having under-achieved at university.

  41. Hi, What is the assessment session like at Citi, any idea, please? I have been invited to the assessment center by Citi in attempt to land a job in Global Transaction Services. Much appreciated. A

  42. I have recently completed my MRes. Accountancy and Finance from Dundee University and have undergraduate in Mathematics & Statistics. I have got the accountancy experience and have traded on Karachi stock exchange as well. I am very keen to step in financial services sector, as I haven’t got any experience directly related to financial services so I am not able to get even temporary roles until now. Can anybody advice me? Thanks.

  43. I have a 2:1 in History from a top UK university and have just completed my law conversion course, I have work experience in law but I have decided not to pursue law and want to pursue a career in the financial services industry, preferably in middle/ back office. Does my History degree exclude me from being considered for a job?

  44. I think this article should read, “Plenty of temping jobs for experienced graduates”

    The idea of allowing a graduate to interview for a job without two weeks work experience in the financial industry scares recruiters. I have applied to many now and constantly hit the same barrier, “sorry we are looking for people with experience or a finance degree”. Apparently having a MSci(2.1 Honors) in physics at a top 5 university(UCL) is no longer good in the eyes of recruiters. So if you are a graduate without the holy grail (some relevant experience) then you can forget entry in to the financial markets through any method other than the graduate recruitment schemes run by the top IB’s.

    Saying all that, one recruitment agency did make the mistake of risking me and putting me forward for a front office equities trading role. And despite interviewing against people with actual trading experience and finance related degrees I am now down to the last two candidates for the job, because the actual people employing understood that physics is actually one of the hardest degrees there is and judged me on my personality and not my seemingly ample cv!

  45. I graduated as a commercial engineer with distinction(72 percent). I would like to work in investment banking in London. I would like to start as soon as possible. The problem is that most of the graduate programs start in 2008. What should I do, to start earlier? Are there companies without deadlines for the graduate programs in London? What are my chances as a foreign student? I have 72 percent, can I compare this with a 2:1 degree?

    Kind regards,

  46. Hi

    I keep hearing of top 10 universities for roles within Investment banking. I am not sure which universities are in the top 10 and which ones arent. Networking is key, top 10 or not. U need to be an extrovert and love the investment buzz words to really succeed within investment banks.

  47. Hi,
    I am a final year student at Reading University expecting to get a 2.1 in French and Management Studies. Over the past couple of years I have become very interested in the financial sector however I am not sure which area would best suit my skills. Considering my degree discipline which area do you think I would have a good shot at, taking into account that my university in ranked 25th thus I don’t posses the boast of graduating from a top 10 university.

    Kind Regards


  48. For all those people with 2:2’s, I have hope!! Realising I needed experience to break in (no use applying to grad progs), I looked at temping(btw, my 2.2 is in maths so that helps).

    Toward the end of July, I would trawl through sites such as reed.co.uk and look at the temp jobs within the banking industry. Click through to those jobs and it gives the name of the agency dealing with the postion and the relevant requirements. Google the agency name, get a contact number, call them and state what you want to do and what area your interested in. Also, call the banks direct – most of them have temp desks in the HR (if you call, ask to be put through to their temporary recruitment division).

    In one month, I had 3 interviews with 2 of the top 10 banks, turned down the opportunity to interview and a further one and will be starting a 3 month contract on Monday with Credit Suisse in derivatives.

    Don’t despair. Have faith, be determined, know what you want, be motivated and persevere. I thought it would never happen – now I’m the happiest guy on the planet at the moment!!

    (PS. The agency that got me the job was Nicoll Curtin.)

  49. What 2:1 or 2:2 means?
    That is a grade or a mark of the degree?

  50. My Name is Delphine and i just graduated from cardiff university with a 2:1. however, i am an international student and i am finding it hard to get a company to recruit me. especially in the consultancy field. The government introduced the IGS (INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE SCHEME), which allows international students to work in the UK for one year after studying. however, most companies do not acknowledge such schemes. I have decided to start a Masters in international management and strategy for consulting. However, i want to get a part-time job in consultancy firm. I was wondering if you could give the best advice. Thanks

  51. Hi there, I’m just wondering if I could get any ideas from anyone – specifically ‘Ecstatic’!

    I’m planning on the general application routes this autumn, but of course experience helps a lot as they’re so competitive, and those roles don’t start until next year…I am in a similar kind of boat to many of you, though instead of the 2:2, I have a 1st, but its Science, not finance/business/etc., and I have no experience. I have started the recruitment agency route, emailing them for advice, hoping I get forward for some of these temp jobs, but it would be great if I could get any more names of recruiters.. I’ve got about 5 so far, the ‘major’ ones. Are there any that anyone has had any particular sucess with? Thanks

  52. Hi there,

    I am a recent graduate from the top three universtities in the UK. Just recently got an offer from a top-tier investment bank in London. I am on the progress of having my work permit sorted out, but am just no sure this Back Office job is right for me…I am very excited about the offer at first, but I really don’t think my talent in Mathematics has been spotted enought, and I would like to try breaking into the front office. If someone can help me and give me more advice please.

  53. Hi, Im 28 and a computer science graduate (2003) and REALLY want to get into prop trading.

    At 28 am I too old to make an impact?



  54. I Graduated in 2006 from a top 5 university with a 2.1 in geography. Having spent the last year travelling around Latin America, I am now back in the UK and am itching to get into investment banking, with a priority for trading.

    The down side is I haven’t done an internship and thus don’t have much ‘city’ experience on my CV, although I am spending a lot of time educating myself about finance and markets etc!!

    Any advice on the best next step?

  55. Hi there,
    I had graduated with a 2.1 in Accounting and Finance in 2003 (Not from a top tier Uni) and to date my career has been in Management Accounting (Healthcare/FMCG sector). I am also in the process of completing my CIMA and I am an associate member of the SII.

    However, I have accepted an offer from LSE to study a MSc in Finance on a part time evenings basis over 2 years. The main reason I chose to accept this offer is because I have a genuine interest in Banking and the financial services sectors and want to persue a career in it.

    Can you perhaps give me any decent advice in getting any relevant experience in this sector and what my chances are in making this transition please…

  56. Hi Emma,

    Check these websites for agencies (you’ll have to google the agency name for contact details)


    Both have a long list of agencies. Don’t just go after the ‘major’ ones. In my experience, the top ones are snobbish and don’t much care for your personality or ability.

    After calling an agency, I’d make it clear that I want to temp to build experience and get that ‘foot in the door’. It helps to understand something of investment banking as well!

    I would read the FT as well as google any ‘investment’ terms I don’t understand. There’s a website called investopedia.com that goes through most of the investment terms and will help you learn about the field.
    When you contact agencies, make sure you really do know what you want to do and what you hope to achieve from temping in this field.

    So, basically…just research a lot! I impressed my interviewer at Credit Suisse (who will be my line manager)by having a basic understanding of the work that I would be involved in and she didn’t expect an interviewee to know that.

    Also, you need some luck and just constantly contact agencies all over! I think I’m registered to approx 25 agencies!

  57. I will be graduating soon from City University,London, with a 2.1 in Bsc Actuarial Science.I really need graduate internship or anyworkexperience, but it seems so hard for me.I have had part-time jobs and have been told they are not relevant therefore delete them from my CV.Do you think i can get a job with a blank work experience section.

  58. Hi,I have very good A Levels 2 A’S and B,graduated 2 years ago with Pass in Accounting and Financial Management.At the moment doing my ACCA,did a work experience at a small accountancy firm for 5 months as a Trainee Accountant.Been looking for jobs even Graduate Schemes/Internships with no luck.What should I do.

  59. I am currently working as a fund accountant but am looking to move into energy trading. I thought having financial experience would make it easier to get this type of role but so far no luck. How do I go about getting the job i want?

  60. I’ve completed my ACCA exams. Some finance modules I took made me realize I want a career in finance and investment banking and not accounting. I have a little experience in accounting, but I feel that when investment banks see my cv, they’ll disregard me as an accountant with no interest in finance. What should I do please?

  61. I graduated from Cambridge with a 2.1 in History, William, and don’t appreciate narrow minded comments that come from people like you (“…especially if they are in a humanities subject.”).

    You must realise that doing a degree in a humanity equips you with skills that a degree in Physics or Maths simply would not. The difference in writing styles, argumentative skills, and the qualitative or strategic analysis between those who have humanity degrees compared to numerical/scientific degrees are painfully obvious in the workplace.

    And if you wanted a job in the financial services industry, you should’ve made sure you got a 2.1 – it’s not that difficult, and if you weren’t capable of doing it then why should employers waste time looking at your application when there are lots and lots of graduates with 2.1s or higher?

    You’re in no position to ‘get a little annoyed’ and it’s probably that sort of attitude that prevented you from achieving a 2.1 and has meant that the financial services job has remained an elusive dream. Grow up – us humanities graduates don’t need to put with the crap that people like you give us.

  62. I am a recent graduate with a 2.1 in Law from a very good UK University. However, I have decided not to go into law and am considering a career in investment banking preferably corporate finance. I would like to know how feasible it is to make the transition since my degree is in humanities and not numerate. I believe I have got the transferable skills needed but I need advice so I dont regret my decision later on.

  63. Hi I’ve graduated from UCL with a 2.2 degree in maths, i’m finding it hard to break in to the financial services industry. Just wondering if I too have an opportunity to make it. Thanks

  64. I’ve just graduated from UCL with a 2.2 degree in Mathematics. I’m finding it difficult to break in the financial services industry. I’m just wondering if there is any help availble in order to make it. thanks

  65. differences in science grads and humanities grads are huge. on markets side of business numerate grads are easily preferred due to the nature of the degree (ie an emphasis on problem solving together with analytics more closely linked to general trading floor work). maths/physics/engineering/computing/economics tend to be more easily employable.

  66. In 2004 I graduated from Nottingham University with a 2.1 MEng in Chemical Engineering.

    Since then I have been working in China teaching Maths and Further Maths A level for a UK University Consortium. My main reason for coming to China was to learn Mandarin and I am now at a level where I can comfortably chat, read a newspaper and listen to the radio.

    Next academic year 2008-9 I will study Chinese in China full time for one year and apply for graduate placements in the UK in accountancy and possibly other positions in the financial services sector. I will then be 27 years of age.

    I would like to know what possible appeal my (by then) high level Chinese (Mandarin) skills might have in the financial services sector. Also whether being a relatively old 27 is a serious difficulty to overcome.

    Many thanks

  67. I am a student from Oxford Brookes University, going into my second year, studying Law with Religion and am looking ahead at how to get onto a graduate programme when i graduate. In the meantime i am applying for work experience and interships at several banks in the City, but want to get a head start as to how i go about applying and when to apply for a graduate programme.

  68. Why all the Investment banks ask for experience from newly graduates? Since they have strong academic background.

    Shanika Wijesinghe Reply
  69. I am a 2nd year student at Cardiff- studying International Business for a First- I have done an internship through Shell and in my 20years have had many experiences, work wise and socially, that make computency interviews pretty easy, But I want to move in to Banks. Cardiff is a top 20 Uni, I guess this means 3rd tier. What banks should I apply to- i.e. Deutsche or smaller firms like Liquid Capital.

    If someone would reply to give me a little insight into my opportunities it would be much appreciated. I believe the worlds my oyster but a few opinions would be great.

  70. I am a law graduate with a 2.1(Hons) degree. I am very interested in pursuing a career in investment banking and am currently studying for the IMC. I am having difficulty obtaining a graduate placement with any investment bank. My careers advisor informed me that Investment banks do look at Law students, what are my chances of being successful in this field? would i be eligible to carry out temping work?

  71. I have a 2:1 in a mathematics undergraduate degree and a masters degree from one of Britain’s top 5 universities. The latter is again in mathematics but also included courses in Derivatives and Financial Risk Analysis. When I contacted Joslin Rowe I was told that due to my lack of direct experience they could do nothing for me. Makes me think that the above article is somewhat misleading.

  72. I am a Chinese student with 2:2 in Biomedical Sciences (56%) who wants to persue my career in financial sector; particularly towards
    accounting or FX market fields. I have grdauated on 2006 and just have completed a postgrad certificate in Business Management.

    Im very depressing because most of the jobs requirement in these fields need a 2:1 and I really dont what to do next: Should I do a MSc / ACCA / CIMA qualification to top-up my financial knowledge? Will that increase my chance to get myself into the market?

    Apart from the “2:2” disaster, my other academic results are ok; I’ve got 300 UCAS points and Im expecting a first class grade in my PG CERT. Will these increase my chance to find a job?

    Is there any alternative way I can do to get a job in those sectors?

  73. I’ve recently finished my exams towards an MSc in Quantitative Finance and realisticly expecting a 1st.However,its not from a top 10 university.It does seem like it matters a lot for investment banks or hedge funds as I have been applying for the positions within various hedge funds and investment banks but haven’t got much response yet even though I do have some commercial experience and good references.I’d very much like to be in a back/middle office position as I do have strong quantitative skills, could you give me some advice on this?Thanks

  74. Hi everyone!

    Is some one who can advice me what to do with my future? Currently I am studing BA Acc & Finance. I am come from Poland to study my degee in England. I am on my second year now. I dont have experience in acconting environment yet. Should I start some part time voluntary work to get experience in accountancy or should I get any onter job like a sale assistant or receptionist? My problem is to work with money and get experience but none can employe me as an accountant with salary.

  75. Hi Belinda,

    I am a graduated with a 2.2 in Accounting & Finance from a lower tier university and have over 3 years Accounting experience, which I acquired both during and after my studies. I have a passion to work in an IB and I am putting my best effort to fulfill my ambition. I am currently studying for Investment Management Certificate and beleive that would help me to get my foot in to the door as well as it would improve my CV too. I would be really grateful if you would furnish me with your thoughts and recommendations.

    Many Thanks

  76. I’m interested in working for a Hedge fund. Now I’m studying in ESSEC on 5th best Master in Management by FT also I have 3 years of full time experience in IT industry as a software engineer. What are my chances?

  77. I have 2:1 in LLB Law and LLM in Banking and Finance Law from QMUL and would like to work in the investment banking sector. I have 3 years legal experience, but no financial services experience. Are there any suitable positions?

  78. i did a degree in international business economics and got a 2.2 but now i am currently doing and MSc in information sytems and technology and looking for a part time IT job that offers training as i dont have alot of IT experience can you help?

  79. Hi All,
    Thanks for the messages on this particular recruitment drive. I know some of you have been in contact directly. So far we have secured places for 7 people via this route but I do know that some of you have been disappointed that we were unable to assist you. I have to say the positions we now have left (after nearly two months of this recruitment)have very, very specific criteria – such as some direct experience. Temping isn’t always going to be the perfect fit for everyone (otherwise I know everyone on this message board would be able to secure a position in this way) but it is sometimes a very good alternative. Finally, just to try and round up on some of the many comments: Those with legal backgrounds might want to consider a career in compliance. There is rather a glut of grads who turn to this area but it is still a good route into an investment bank (There is lots of great info. on efinancial about this as career)We as an agency haven’t been able to assist anyone with an IT background to make the move into banking – but there will be some specialist recruitment firms that can – so keep searching. Finally,IGS visa students are not being snapped up as we would expect.

    Belinda Walmsley Joslin Rowe Reply
  80. I am a 2007 graduate with a 2:2 in history from Aberystwyth, i understand it is not a maths or business related degree but i have a very logial, mathematical mind. I have experience in high pressure sales and chef jobs and can answer any personality and academical based question with great responses!

    My problem is that due to my degree and university i can not seem to apply for many jobs, are there certain companies who give interviews to students who have the aptitude but, for specific reasons, not the results and have the definite personality and drive to succeed??

    Also what fields would u recommend?

  81. Hi, I am a first year MBA student at one of the top MBA school in Europe. I have extensive technology experience in Investment Banks ( including Goldman) in Middle Office and Backoffice Technology. I have done equity and derivatives trading for my personal portfolio and am looking for part time job to help me build up for summer internship in derivatives.

    What kind of jobs I should try to target for part-time to increase my chances of landing up at one of the top banks derivatives desk?

    Raj, MBA Student in London Reply
  82. i am an Msc student here in glasgow, scotland.i have tried to get a part time job, so that when i finish in september, i will not be told the ususal excuses we(international student) get.opportunities are not giving to international student who seek to get a job. all we get is “you dont have a UK experience”. this is not fair. if opportunites are not giving to us, how do companies and agencies want to know the potentials we(internal student)have?
    its a great challenge for us, coming here to study, but at the end of the day, we are discourage. its not like that in the US. 2.2 should not be a bases but what someone can offer

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