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How would you explain volatility to a customer?


First I explained it in a academic way. They stopped me and told me, a client is not so sophisticated and reminded me to answer this question how I would explain it to a customer. So I draw a picuture of the uniform distribution of a share price movement and showed the the propability within the 68% 95% and 99%.


What financial products do you know?


I gave them all ranges of traditional and non-traditional investments and told them on which profile I prefer which structured product, as I like to trade with them by myself.


Give us a market wrap up.


I gave them a market wrap up about swiss market, european market, us market and asian market, gave them a wrap up about commodities especially oil, gold and silver, explained them my opinion of intrest rates and where the currencies are going.

These questions were provided to us by a candidate claiming to have interviewed at the institution named above. We cannot guarantee that these were the actual questions asked.

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  1. what a pratt

  2. I think you failed to explain easily to a customer volatility. talking about stdev from the mean and so on is not very customer friendly I guess. But I fanyboby have a clue of what should have been the answer just post it!

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