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Was this ex-head of equities at Credit Suisse too confident about his job prospects?

Doesn't always work

Doesn't always work

It would be difficult to be much more upbeat about leaving your job of six years at the top of a major investment bank than Matt De Salvo, the ex-head of  U.S. equities sales and trading at Credit Suisse.

When 53 year-old De Salvo left Credit Suisse in March 2012, he sounded irrepressibly confident and assured that he would find a new one soon. “I’m a manager, I’m a leader, and if somebody wants to end up being in the top tier and can use me, I’m sure something will come together,” he told Bloomberg. “I’m already getting calls.”

In the event, it was ten months before De Salvo moved into a new role at brokerage firm CRT Capital. And last month he moved on again. Life may be harder outside big banks than it seems.

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  1. Oh dear another delusional banker… Come flip burgers chump…

    Ronnie McDonald Reply
  2. I’ve been there Matt. From Chief Investment Officer with great performance over a ten year tenure running almost a billion, to just another dude rounding up assets. The world changed in 2008 and it’s never changing back. We’ve all got to hang our own shingles or become overskilled asset gatherers. It’s a sad waste of experience/knowledge. The industry will be the poorer for it.

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