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Alleged bank by bank salary increases (part II)

This is an update to our previous article on alleged salary increases on a bank by bank basis.

The figures below are derived from a fixed income executive search firm and are therefore specific to markets roles. We can’t vouch 100% for their accuracy, but think they’re correct. In most cases they confirm the data we provided in our previous article.

If you have anything to add (particularly for Credit Suisse or JP Morgan), please let us know in the comment box below.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

BofA Merrill alleged salary increases


Citigroup alleged salary increases


UBS alleged salary increases

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley

Barclays Capital

Barclays Capital alleged salary increases

(BarCap salaries are still understood to be under review, so these are provisional and based on a small sample size.)

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse alleged salary increases

JP Morgan

JPMorgan alleged salary increases


Nomura alleged salary increases

Goldman Sachs

Goldman alleged salary increases

Comments (26)

  1. My pay rise is nothing close. I must be at the wrong bank

  2. is it for IB (i.e M&A) or Capital markets side?

  3. @GB1983 – Most of these figs came from a markets headhunter, so they’re likely to have a markets bias.

    Sarah, Editor, eFinancialCareers Reply
  4. what about DB?

  5. Is it possible to edit the images with another software. They never pass the firewall… shame this article looked pretty interesting.

  6. coming on this site everyday is now starting to depress me. no decent jobs, when I do apply for any I get no response, and now I’m told that if my bosses had had a bit more foresight last year I would now have had a 40% pay rise . .. . . . . . . . .

  7. There is no Associate 1,2,3 at Nomura. What about AVP, VP and directors? Regards

  8. Can’t read the pcitures because Flickr is restricted is most of the banks unfortunately

  9. What about Deutsche Bank?

  10. Hi DerivTrader,

    We’re looking into it. May take a while, unfortunately. In the meantime I guess the only option is to have another look from home? Sorry!

    Sarah, Editor, eFinancialCareers Reply
  11. @apples – I know where you are coming from my man. Sarah loves nothing more than to rub our noses in it.

  12. I work in HR……….Seriously nothing close! These ‘figures’ that you think are right are wrong! My traders dont earn anything near…. guys dont be depressed….. its HR recruiting tactic…I do the payroll x

    HR for the prople Reply
  13. Barcap have a VP level. I work there, and everyone in middle offce got a 10-15% pay rise last month – backdated to last June. Taken out of total comp though :-(

  14. any numbers for technology ?

  15. Hi Sarah

    Do you have any salary/bonus comparisons for Middle Office/Accounting roles?

  16. think i am getting ripped off!!!

  17. No changes at Deutsche at associate level…

  18. @HR for the prople: hmm. not so sure about that. i was given a couple of the above numbers myself by HR (and they match the above). however, some of the others i was given by candidates telling me directly what their new salaries were. and they match the above too.

    so on the whole i’d suggest Sarah’s Secret Sauce seems sound.

  19. SocGen nul points

  20. Nomura numbers look wrong apart from maybe base for MD, titles are incorrect as already noted. Other figures for other houses look ballpark correct based on recent reporting in media..

  21. @anonym – I’m pretty sure those Nomura figures are correct at junior levels. They came from a reliable internal source.

    Sarah, Editor, eFinancialCareers Reply
  22. My recommendation is to stay well clear of hedge funds – despite what you may read in the press the owners are greedy and will line their pockets first, pursuing a top-down approach – even at some of the “blue chip” firms…the numbers posted here are eye watering – as such I will be moving back to an investment bank where at least there is a remuneration committee which seeks a “fair” distribution….

  23. nomura’s figures are correct at junior level… Correct there is no ASS 1-2-3 but are correct (i work there)

  24. Is this survey only focused on the UK market?

  25. Some of these fugures are with bonus included and some are without, it’s confusing.

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