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Donate to disgraced Deutsche FX structurer Romain Camus while he seeks re-employment

Romain Camus is unemployed.

The 35 year old former Deutsche Bank FX structurer who taunted doctors and nurses on a protest march by waving money at them while they passed Deutsche a few weeks ago, has allegedly ‘fled’ to Paris, leaving his flat in Kensington temporarily unoccupied.

Camus, who worked at Goldman for at least 2 years before joining Deutsche in 2007, is apparently looking for work.

When a Daily Mirror journalist called him, he allegedly thought he was talking to a headhunter.

To help mitigate his lack of income, Camus appears to be taking donations. His LinkedIn profile includes a PayPal link for making a contribution.

One FX headhunter who knows Camus says he’s eminently employable and won’t be out of the market for long. “He’s a very accomplished structurer and with his credentials he won’t have a problem finding a new job,” he assures us.

Deutsche was left with little choice but to divest itself of Camus, who was becoming a lightning rod for anti-bankerism. 1,000 people apparently plan to march on Deutsche’s offices later this month to demand an apology and that Camus’ bonus be given to charity.

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  1. This is silly! First the sacking by DB is a bit harsh, secondly further protest next month for an apology? No we all see why the NHS is screwed up. Idiots engaging in useless protests instead of taking care of patients

    Col. Muammar Gaddafi Reply
  2. guy is a complete douche. if he was so good at his job, they would have kept him no matter what.
    I hope he rots in Paris

  3. This is a joke. I’m sure most people find what he did funny. This bankrupt country is being dictated to by a bunch of socialist hippies. I can’t believe DB fired him for that. I can think of so many people who would have done what he did from a 2nd floor window, its just NOT A BIG DEAL.

  4. Insensitive idiot who deserves to be unemployed.

  5. and according to the populist media he apparently only got paid 50k bonus, I guess that was DB showing him the door anyway..

  6. Well, if you’re a London banker, waving a 10 note at a protest against NHS cuts covered by the press is not the smartest thing you could do, is it?

  7. If someone was waving a tenner as a taunt it would seem like the correct response would be to mock his tiny bonus.

  8. Clearly DB can’t been seen to be at all tolerant of such behaviour in light of banker bashing reclaiming its place as the nation’s favourite hobby, no matter how good this guy might have been. Firing him seems a bit harsh to me personally but unsurprising. Probably a better solution would have been to strongly suggest that he donate some or all of his bonus to a medical charity and issue an apology, saving that then given him the sack, at least give him the choice.

    rolling straight dice Reply
  9. @Rolling straight dice, your insight was FABULOUS.

  10. This story shows once again how deluded some people have become. Yes it was a tasteless and inappropriate act, but the reaction of shock and horror is pathetic! A futher 1000 person march to demand an apology? Surely they have better things to do, and if they don’t, they should not be working for the NHS.

    Those who are so inflamed need to understand that the Financial Services sector pays a large proportion of their wages through the taxes it generates.

  11. He’s a douche for taunting people

    The protestors are idiots for being offended

    The journalist is a scumbag for ‘outing’ him

    DB are silly and oversensitive for firing him

    I’m a moron for wasting my time commenting on this

  12. @Banker – summed up beautifully

  13. I agree with HF dude… NHS is “screwed up” but not because of the nurses and doctors, who work hard saving lives and caring for people for very little pay. This guy is a complete pr*ck and I hope that no other bank employs him. He gives us all a bad name.

  14. niceguy is obviously not a “banker” with statements like ‘he gives us a bad name’. Only communists and socialist hippies will agree with the sacking

  15. @harry
    Yes, UK is bankrupted by socialists aka bankers. I prefer more doctors and nurses to those rubbish structurers.

  16. I thought the funniest bit was :-

    ‘One FX headhunter who knows Camus says he’s eminently employable’

    yea right . . . . .. . . . . . . .every headhunter thinks everyone is eminently employable . . . .. . . . . . .

  17. This piece of poop worked at GS? Then he should know this behaviour is inpparovitate… idiot deserve to burn in hell forever

  18. tenners only tenners

  19. Such an ass…

  20. …. @ harry you should know better …. for allegedly smart people you guys are very dumb.

  21. Can’t believe he waved a 10 note. I only carry 50s – he deserves to be sacked for being a pauper.

  22. I find it ironic that socialists consider it so awful to sack someone from their job with no recourse or severance, yet somehow delight in subjecting their enemies and those they hate to that treatment.

  23. Average value added in the financial services industry is 308,000 per person. It is by FAR the most productive industry in Great Britain and the one that accounts for billions of pounds of taxes.

  24. Now it is his turn to get a job!
    May he never have be in hospital and in need of those doctors and nurses he was making fun of…

  25. Mais Quel idiot ce mec……Quel GROS Naze..
    Il aurait fait mieux de se la fermer. C’est un gros con car les places sont cher pour trouver un boulot dans la finance surtout en Front…

    Heureusement que tu es un senior .. peut être tu trouveras plus facilement un boulot sur Paris…

    El Rancho Gecko Paris based Reply
  26. I would have waved my centurion at them personally

  27. I work in the DB, Winchester House building and the word is he has been moved to another office in The USA.

  28. “he Financial Services sector pays a large proportion of their wages through the taxes it generates.” I laughed out loud reading this one, thinking of all the money this sector confiscates and jobs it destroy – and you most certainly know it too

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