Donate to disgraced Deutsche FX structurer Romain Camus while he seeks re-employment

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Romain Camus is unemployed.

The 35 year old former Deutsche Bank FX structurer who taunted doctors and nurses on a protest march by waving money at them while they passed Deutsche a few weeks ago, has allegedly 'fled' to Paris, leaving his flat in Kensington temporarily unoccupied.

Camus, who worked at Goldman for at least 2 years before joining Deutsche in 2007, is apparently looking for work.

When a Daily Mirror journalist called him, he allegedly thought he was talking to a headhunter.

To help mitigate his lack of income, Camus appears to be taking donations. His LinkedIn profile includes a PayPal link for making a contribution.

One FX headhunter who knows Camus says he's eminently employable and won't be out of the market for long. "He's a very accomplished structurer and with his credentials he won't have a problem finding a new job," he assures us.

Deutsche was left with little choice but to divest itself of Camus, who was becoming a lightning rod for anti-bankerism. 1,000 people apparently plan to march on Deutsche's offices later this month to demand an apology and that Camus' bonus be given to charity.

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