CV: Brunel University student who wants to work in trading/risk management for an investment bank. SCORE=45%

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Personal Profile      

A highly astute and responsible individual, who has the aptitude to succeed in a professional environment whilst consistently striving to achieve meritorious standards of work. These attributes combined with a Mathematics background and work experience with my own trading firm, a charitable trust, BC Capital Management and UPS enable me to be the ideal candidate to succeed in the Investment banking industry.

Professional skills/Achievements          

•             Proficient in Word, PowerPoint, Excel (VBA) and Outlook, Bloomberg, DataStream.

•             BC Capital and various other Investment Manager/Hedge Fund Databases.

•             Pupils exceeded expectations with superior results in examinations (PGCE, Brunel University).

•             Raised significant amount of capital for the fund (Al Mizan Charitable Trust).

•             Innovation Award for streamlining a process (UPS).

•             Value Award (Tesco)

•             Fluent in Urdu/Hindi and basic in Arabic

Work Experience     

 X Partners   Sep 2012-Present

Founder and Partner

•    Speculating on UK and US Equity share prices.

•    Portfolio Management which includes optimisation/asset allocation via excel and risk management using VAR.

Private Maths Tutor  Jan 2009 - Present

•    Assisted tutoring GCSE/AS Level candidates

•    Real time testing. Preparation through exercise books, revision guides and past exam papers

Charitable Trust (Part Time)  Mar 2012-Mar 2012 

Asset Raiser

•    Responsible for raising £1000 through marketing of the trust.

•    Contacted Professionals which involved superior communication skills by being persuasive and diplomatic in addition to the co-ordination of leaflets distribution.

BC Capital Management (Internship) Feb 2010-Mar 2010 Analyst

•   Proposed Idea generation, Portfolio optimisation and asset allocation via Excel.

•   Performance of Funds/Ratio and Risk Analysis/Hedge Fund Research.

•   Maintenance of Internal Database/Integrity/Functionality which involved problem solving.

UPS Ltd  Dec 2007-Sep 2008    Office Administration/Client Services (Contract)

•   Provided effective administration and ad hoc support to various departments

•   Data inputting and Client services which resulted in resolution of queries for packages

Tesco Stores Ltd (Part Time) Sep 2002 – Apr 2006


•    Regularly responsible for the management of the non-food department

•    Stock replenishment and customer service which enhance interpersonal skills

•    Dealing with difficult customers and product merchandising


•    Modelling and Management of Risk, Brunel University                                            Sep 2012 - Present

•    Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Examination– Distinction                              2012

•    CEO Anton Kreil (ex -Goldman Sachs) – “Traders of the Future”

•    Distribution of Asset Returns - Calculating % probabilities of returns and Odds for (Equities, Currencies).

•    Top Down Macroeconomic Asset Selection Process – Trade Idea Generation (Currencies, Commodities, Equities, Rates).

•    Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Correlations to Asset Prices, Industry Sector (Value Chain) analysis, Stock Analysis (Fundamental & Technical) - Trade Idea Generation (Equities)

•    Risk Management – Beta Hedging (Equities), Kelly Criterion (All Asset Classes).

•    Bloomberg Professional Training

•    PGCE Mathematics, Brunel University                                                                                   2010-2012

•    BSc (Hons) Mathematical Science, CASS Business School/City University London            2003-2007


•    A-levels: Art, History, Mathematics

•    GCSEs: 9 including Mathematics, English and ICT


Highly enthused about reading about current financial and business affairs in addition to blogging. Furthermore also passionate about playing cricket and participating in swimming. Also like to travel and view different cultures.


References available upon request

Our evaluator’s comments: 


An experienced investment banker who’s participated in the graduate recruitment process, says:

This candidate wants to become a trader / risk manager. These are quite different roles and trading is clearly a better job, so it looks like he is trying to hedge his bets. And with less than stellar academic and work experience branding and little else which stands out on his CV, this might be a wise strategy.

However there are likely to be plenty of other candidates who have managed their expectations more realistically, ignoring trading and simply applying for the less glamorous risk management area, and they will look more focussed and clearly motivated than this candidate. I’m also not convinced that he needs a 2-page CV.

Overall a poorly written CV full of clichés and lacking relevant detail – expected/achieved degree grade? A-level grades (at a certain point in one’s career they become irrelevant however it’s still a little early to be taking them off his CV!) Since he’s not keen to disclose them, I’m going to assume that his grades are poor and have allocated points accordingly.

He clearly has some relevant experience as well as a somewhat relevant masters degree he has demonstrated work ethic by working both for himself and for others. However the only potentially directly relevant work experience is at a firm I’ve never heard of with a very generic name (“BC Capital Management”) – why assume I’ve heard of it and offer no supporting description of the company?

He’s also failed to quantify of explain the results and benefits he achieved from this experience adequately. Figures are much more convincing that qualitative bullet points.

If he got through to interview, which seems unlikely given his score, I’d grill him pretty hard on the weak points outlined above.

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