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Where to spend your free time if you want to meet senior financial services professionals who might give you a job

We write a lot about the importance of networking.

Networking will obviously work best if you adopt a systematic approach and contact people you already know.

However, networking can also work if you place yourself in situations where you’re likely to come across senior financiers during their downtime. Witness our columnist who was offered a new job after coincidentally encountering a former client in a strip club in the West End, or the Morgan Stanley intern who got a job because his mother happened to meet the mother of one of the bank’s media analysts while walking the dog in Greenwich Park.

Inveigling your way into a job through this kind of networking is going to require patience: it’s not going to happen if you’re pushy and upfront about your intentions. This is all about playing long the game and developing a level of familiarity that might allow you to leverage your connections in future.

If you’re prepared to put in the time and effort, this is where you may wish to lurk.

1) Princess Diana Memorial Playground, Kensington Gardens

Only really a viable option if you have children and they are under 10. It’s probably best avoided during the week as you will get no further than nannies and au pairs, but try the weekends – especially early on a Saturday or Sunday morning when banking husbands may be up with small children while spouses remain in bed.

2) The Harbour Club.

A gym with branches in Chelsea and Notting Hill. Open to new members. Costs 215 per month for full membership and 125 for part membership without tennis.

They tell us that they’re a, “very high end club with a lot of bankers and traders
who work in the City” as members.

3) Campden Hill Lawn Tennis Club

Very exclusive lawn tennis club near Holland Park tube station. 500 members, but the membership list has been closed for the past 10 years. However, midweek memberships are still on offer – you may not meet bankers, but you may meet their wives.

The person we spoke to at the club was coy about the number of financial services professionals on its books, but said he imagines there are, “quite a few.”

4) The Cumberland Lawn Tennis Club and Hampstead Cricket Club

Near West Hampstead. Far less exclusive than the Campden Hill Club, but also more accessible. Currently open to new members. 1st year entrance fee is 415, plus 615 annual subscription.

5) Queenswood Golf Club, Surrey

Bob Diamond plays here. The chances of getting a membership are zero: it reputedly costs 145k and is full. However, the club is currently advertising for caddies, a role which could at least provide a talking point on your CV if you’re desperate and junior.

6) Sunningdale Golf Club

Thought to be frequented by Crispin Odey. Unable to tell us how many other financial services professionals are members. You’ll need to be proposed and seconded by existing members to join.

7) Royal Thames Yacht Club

Knightsbridge-based yacht club thought to be popular with bankers and hedge fund managers. Complex joining procedure outlined here.

8) Small companies and social enterprises in Yorkshire

Goldman is dispatching its senior staff to mentor senior decision makers or owners at companies with between 5 and 40 members of staff in Yorkshire. Richard Gnodde and Michael Sherwood have both been involved.

9) Bars and pubs in Mayfair

One broker tells us he hangs out in indiscriminate ‘bars in Mayfair’ in search of hedge fund clients. The same may be advisable to anyone in search of hedge fund jobs.

10) Bars and pubs in the City

Employees of each bank will have their favoured locals, which are likely to be nearby. For example, try Ye Olde Cheddar Cheese on Fleet Street for people from Goldman Sachs or the Viaduct Tavern or the Saint on Paternoster Square for BAML.

Comments (22)

  1. Oh good grief !! Really ?? I just wasted several minutes i will never get back again.

  2. Where and how can I find a job without sucking up to morons in these places???

  3. nice one !

  4. My god that’s amazing! You mean to say I could meet financial professionals in bars in the City? Well OMG, scrap that OMFG

  5. That’s how I landed my job as a business trainee in EY’s prestigious LASER team.

  6. This has got be a joke. There have been some incredibly moronic articles but this really takes the cake.

  7. I think this article is fairly good actually – taken with a pinch of salt., which it’s obviously meant to be – at least it offers a different perspective than just hammering out your CV.

  8. If you are really serious about meeting research analysts in a certain sector you should go to the companies’ analyst presentations for results and chat to the more friendly and senior-looking analysts, if you’re lucky and sound intelligent you might get a free internship esp over the summer. Contact the PR cos/cos themselves and get on the attendance list…would help your blag if you already studying for CFA etc.

  9. I love this article! Just my style. How about The Real Fight Club, Soccer Power League or Virgin Active in Broadgate?

  10. I agree with Mr merit, How to find a job if sucking up to someone to find job is not your quality of character. Hanging around …. in his/her favourite places to find a job sounds totally DISGUSTING.
    I can’t believe many people could do this, ghastly

  11. you missed the pub in the small provincial town where ali desai and his mate charlie hang out

    Not Ali but a fan of his work Reply
  12. Are these places mentioned above the new sponsors of efinancialcareers now. Saying that, quite enjoyed reading this article, a bit light hearted for a change.

  13. hmm.. it shouldn’t be this difficult

  14. BS ! STFU!

  15. Meritocracy is for losers.

    Everyone knows its who you know not what you know..

    If you don’t understand this then you will never make it in this game chumps”!

  16. @ Banshou: Network at The Real Fight Club if you’ve got ambtions not further than back office.

  17. What a load of nonsense. I’m a member of a number of these clubs (in the top 5 of the list) and am in and around Mayfair all the time. The chances of securing an interview this way are NONE. These people only want to know those in similar positions or senior to THEM.

    Changing room conversation ‘hey I just joined, I’m a nobody analyst. you fancy hiring me?’ That is of course unless you exchange certain favours. Then you’re in ;-)

  18. wow so insightful but you forgot to mention efinancialcareers. This reads like a Social Psych experiment or a Sociology paper. Surely this website is where realists want to hang out to meet socially mobile people like yourself and your glamourous attempts at humourous journalism. People who live in vestiages of the past ie it is not what you know but who, and think the finance industry is about back scratching need a reality check. it is truely no small wonder the walls of the financial industry came tumbling down with mindsets like this polluting the industry. A word of advice you might want to add Soho (Hong Kong) and even Beijing to your list and take some lessons in Mandarin.

  19. I want to meet BANKERS! Now I know where to go.


  20. yeah… much easier to meet bankers in a strip bar then in a golf Club….

    anyway….what about an article on…

    Where to meet female Bankers? golf tennis and all of that is just played by men, and as a good looking guy, the last thing i want to do is suck up to a middle age man

    much prefer adventure down in Chelsea and paly around with the gentler sex

  21. I regularly take Pippa and Mortimer to the Princess Diana Memorial Playground come Saturday mornings after music lessons. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to start accepting quant CV’s between the swings and the chute. I shall be making a formal complaint if this article results in the wrong sort of characters starting to hang around.

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