What you’ll really get paid at Facebook in Singapore

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What you’ll really get paid at Facebook in Singapore

If you’re thinking of leaving the banking sector and applying for a job at Facebook in Singapore, the company’s swanky new APAC headquarters in Marina One Tower is probably one of the main attractions. There you’ll find such delights as a giant Instagram wall, a digital ‘fountain screen’, and a vending machine dispensing free gadgets.

And if that doesn’t entice you, there’s the small matter of the variety of jobs that the tech firm now offers in Singapore. There are 124 local vacancies on Facebook’s careers site right now – some of them cover all of Asia Pacific, while others focus on specific markets like Australia, Korea and Vietnam. Many are highly technical jobs. The preferred qualifications for a UX researcher role, for example, are a Master’s or PhD in human computer interaction or human factors psychology.

Facebook’s future hiring could be on an even larger scale. It currently houses about 1,000 people in Marina One, but has room for up to 3,000 workstations. Facebook is also building a S$1.4bn, 11-storey data centre in Singapore, its first in Asia, which it expects to open in 2022. “Hundreds” of new people will be required at the facility, including technical and logistics staff, Thomas Furlong, Facebook’s vice president of infrastructure data centres, said last year.

But ambitious hiring plans, cutting-edge jobs, and funky workplaces don’t necessarily give Facebook a huge advantage in a job market as fiercely competitive Singapore’s. Google and Amazon have also established big local operations in the city state in recent years, while banks such as DBS, Citi and JP Morgan have prioritised hiring tech professionals. Candidates for Facebook jobs in Singapore will therefore want to know whether their salaries reflect this buoyant labour market.

To give you a rough idea of how much you’re likely to earn at Facebook in Singapore, we examined the firm’s salary and bonus data on Glassdoor across five broad job functions that the website had sufficient data for. For consistency, we excluded low-range compensation for all these Facebook job sectors – so our figures (which are approximate rather than definitive) are for mid-level staff, or people with at least five years’ experience.

Facebook did not respond to a request to comment on its Singapore compensation.

How much are average salaries at Facebook in Singapore?

If you’re a technologist who enjoys collaborating with clients and building new products for them (and improving existing ones), a job in the solution engineering team at Facebook may be for you. Mid-level pay is around S$108k in this function in Singapore, according to Glassdoor. The tech firm describes the team as “the cross function of business and engineering”.

If you’re after a less technical role with an equally strong client focus, try becoming a client solutions manager. You’ll be “responsible for building strategic partnerships, driving growth, creating scaled ROI-positive marketing strategies, and driving satisfaction in innovative ways”, according to Facebook’s career site. In Singapore, mid-ranking client solutions managers are paid approximately S$120k a year, according to Glassdoor.

Mid-level program managers, who typically act as strategists and business leads on key projects, earn annual base salaries of about S$160k, according to the self-reported Glassdoor data. Data engineers, meanwhile, take home about S$125k a year. Salaries in this function are creeping up, however, due to high demand for data skills across all industries, including banking, in Singapore.

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