Goldman Sachs salaries in Singapore: How much you’ll really earn

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Goldman Sachs salaries in Singapore: How much you’ll really earn

It’s been a comparatively good year at Goldman Sachs in Asia so far: revenue from the region increased 33% year-on-year to reach $1.46bn in Q1. Although volatile equities markets at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic contributed to the uptick, this was the second-best quarter for the firm since it started to break out revenue by geography back in Q3 2017.

Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs ranked fourth in Dealogic’s league table for Southeast Asia M&A volume in the opening quarter, up six places compared with Q1 the previous year.

But if you are thinking of applying for a front-office job at Goldman Sachs in Singapore, you will likely be just as interested in its investment banking salaries as its deal-making abilities.

To give you an approximation of Goldman Sachs’ Singapore salaries in IB, we reviewed self-reported Glassdoor pay numbers for the US firm across the three seniority levels that the website has sufficient data for: analyst, associate, vice president, and executive director.

IB pay at Goldman Sachs in Singapore obviously varies from banker to banker and according to individual performance, so the figures in the table below should just be seen as approximate and general guidance. Moreover, we only reviewed Glassdoor’s high-range annual salaries for Goldman Sachs, because they better reflect the earnings of front-office investment bankers, who are typically paid more than their peers in other functions. The figures do not apply to non-IB staff.

Goldman Sachs did not reply to a request to comment on its Singapore compensation.

What will your Goldman Sachs salary be in Singapore?

The approximate Glassdoor numbers suggest that analyst-level investment bankers at Goldman Sachs in Singapore can expect to earn annual salaries of around S$115k a year, although this would vary depending on whether they are first, second, or third-year analysts.

Front-office base pay for Goldman’s Singapore associates is about S$167k a year, while vice presidents (VPs) take home roughly S$250k, according to the Glassdoor numbers, which are self-reported by GS employees.

By the time you reach executive director rank at Goldman Sachs in Singapore, your salary could be in the region of S$292k.

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