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Here’s how much M&A bankers earn in the U.K., the U.S., Germany and Switzerland

Where the rich bankers work

Where the rich bankers work

Are you thinking of working in M&A? Do you want to know how much you’ll earn? Are you working in M&A already and wondering whether you’re paid fairly? Are you thinking of working in M&A in the U.K., the U.S., Germany or Switzerland and wondering how much you’ll make in salary and bonus? We have all the answers.

A new pay and bonus survey suggests M&A pay is far higher in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world. The average M&A banker in the U.S. earns a salary of €107k ($147k) and a bonus of €94k ($129k), or $276k in total according to recruitment firm Carlton Senior Appointments. By comparison, the average M&A banker in London earns $268k, the average M&A banker in Switzerland earns $237k, and the average M&A banker in Germany earns a merest $186k…

Carlton survey

Carlton has also produced the following table on pay for M&A bankers by seniority globally. Results are skewed towards Europe.

Carlton survey 2


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  1. I’m sorry to be so blunt but it is sad to see that stupidity in your comparison…
    This all needs to be adjusted to the cost of living of each place.
    An analyst a bulge bracket in Frankfurt usually gets a base in the low €60s and a sign-on of between €8-15k depending on what your situation is and which bank it is – if you have several offers some banks will give in and offer you a higher sign-on (intel from my former flatmate). One can expect a first year all-in comp. (excl. sign-on) of €90k in a pretty good year at a bulge bracket. Trust me, €90k in Frankfurt buys you a lot more than it does in London – so go back to the drawing board and think again.

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