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‘Sexy banker’ gets sudden surge of support, goes from last to first place

First place

Time passes, seasons change, exciting things lie forgotten as the friendship between George Bush and Vladimir Putin, but epochal events tick over quietly in the background, waiting for their moment of resurgence. This seems to be what’s happened with our six sexiest bankers competition. We ran the competition two months ago and had forgotten about it. Not so, the voting public.

It’s come to our attention that Guilherme Lopes (seen below), has had a sudden surge of votes, thereby displacing the previous winner, Khamran Ali, from the top slot. Guilherme has suddenly achieved an impressive 608 votes in total (versus Ali’s 568).

Guilherme Lopes

How did this happen? “The last time I looked I was in last place,” said an astonished Lopes. “How many votes does the person in second place have?” he added.

Despite Lopes’ professed surprise, we understand he may have been soliciting support from clients and colleagues, one of whom informed us he’d received an email requesting that he express his support for the sultry Brazilian.

Comments (2)

  1. That’s the way these bankers are. They do anything to win to inflate their own egos at the expense of everyone else. And adds no real value to society.

  2. Nothing like a little blatant, inaccurate stereotyping, eh J. Mich? Ask the millions of people who wouldn’t be able to buy a home without a mortgage from a bank if no value was added to society from their ability to buy a home thanks to a banker.

    And what is your profession that adds to much value to society? Probably unemployed living off gov’t benefits (funded by taxes paid by the bankers you love to hate).

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