Late Links: Banker with unusual degree gets big promotion. Brokerage hiring 20 people

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You may think you need to study finance or maths, or financial maths, or just economics to get into banking, but you'd be wrong. Nearly as many Goldman Sachs employees have studied liberal arts as finance and the new EMEA head of M&A at UBS studied theology.

Financial News reports that Oxford-educated theologian James Hartop has been promoted from co-head of the investment banking division to become sole head of UBS's coverage and advisory business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Hartop left university in 1995 and has worked at UBS ever since - suggesting, once again, that tenure plays a big part in M&A success.

Separately, Financial News reports that Makor Capital, an agency brokerage firm set up by some senior Cantor Fitzgerald executives, wants to to hire 20 people for its London, Paris and Geneva offices this year. Cash equities is the main focus. FX and credit are subsidiary concerns.


A ‘trained psychologist’ has been employed to look for Stephen Hester’s replacement. (Independent) 

Rumour that during a pitch, Hester seized a banker's business card and ripped it into tiny pieces. (Economist)  

Could Bill Winters replace Stephen Hester? (Euromoney) 

JPMorgan has got a new chief risk officer. Ashley Bacon is one of Jamie Dimon’s favourites. (Financial Times) 

Sara Ferrari, an aptly named banker, is now coordinating the development of the markets business at UBS, as well as being of strategy. (Bloomberg) 

There are protestors at Canary Wharf today. (Reuters) 

"Yogic exercises can help managers and investors remain calm in the face of the various shocks and crises." (The Week)

However bad your day, it's probably better than this. (HereistheCity) 

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