Late Lunchtime Links: Secret 'golden pitchbook' gets public airing

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Golden pitchbook

The secret of high pressure sales

A top secret 'golden pitchbook' dating back to Bear Stearns circa 1980 has surfaced on Buzzfeed. It is not a pitchbook in the M&A all-nighter sense of the term. It is a pitchbook in the sense of selling securities to retail clients - although it could equally be applied to selling anything to anyone, anywhere. Fundamentally, it is a golden sales manual.

Buzzfeed cites anonymous sources who say that in its heyday, the pitchbook was used as a gift to reward junior brokers: "Once they had it, they used it all the time," says the source.

The fabled pitchbook ended up in the hands of Anastasios “Tommy” Belesis and colleagues at U.S. brokerage house John Thomas Financial Inc. Earlier this year, Belesis was charged with fraud by the U.S SEC. This was not related to the pitchbook, however.

Among other things, the pitchbook advocates that people selling securities....

  • Pitch to the decision maker - It's not worth trying to sell to the wife of a client of she doesn't make the investment decisions (in the sexist words of the book - 'Don't pitch the bitch').
  • Slap a client down before building them back up - If someone won't buy from you, try subtly belittling them before building them back up with feigned concern.

  • Emphasise that they have the clients' long term interests at heart - Explain that you want to make them money long term. If they don't love you now, they're going to love you in six months. This is all about helping them out.
  • Suggest that all their other clients are very rich and intelligent - Say things like, "My firm has turned the average investor into millionaires and the millionaires into multi-millionaires."
  • Tell clients that if they don't buy now the opportunity will be gone - This buying opportunity is about 'now'. Tomorrow, later, it will be gone.


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