Late Lunchtime Links: Bankers excluded as Google convenes secret London 'Zeitgeist' meeting for new power brokers

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She's probably there, you're not

She's (probably) there, you're not

If you're one of the power-brokers in today's world, you will know what is meant by 'Zeitgeist at the Grove.' If you're not, you may think this is a fashion show in a leafy glade - in which case you would be very wrong.

Yesterday was the start of Google's annual two day 'Zeitgeist' meeting in London. As in previous years, it's taking place at the Grove Hotel in Herefordshire. If you're not there, it will be because you didn't have a ticket. If you haven't got a ticket, it will be because Google didn't invite you. How do you get invited? No one seems to know. "I was just asked," one (non-banking) attendee told us. "My office dealt with it."

Google declined to comment, except to say that Zeitgeist is a 'closed event' and there is nothing to add. Last year, Bill Clinton, Lily Cole and Jim O'Neill of Goldman Sachs were said to attend.  This year, our source - speaking on condition of anonymity as she wants to ensure an invitation next year too - said there's very little evidence of bankers anywhere and that there's no one from the financial services industry on any panels.

"We've just finished a panel on the pleasure principle and are about to move into one on courage in the connected world," she told us. "It's very positive, very interesting, with a very eclectic group of people - academics, philosophers and thinkers. There seem to be a couple of hundred people here, but I haven't seen any bankers at all."


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