Late Lunchtime Links: Another early 'retirement' at Barclays. Meredith Whitney says banks will slowly bleed staff all over the street

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Barclays New York

Barclays is losing people. First Rich Ricci, 'retired' aged only 49. Now Sigurbjörn "Siggi" Thorkelsson is retiring too. Financial News reported Siggi's exit without citing is age. However, he certainly doesn't look ready for the bowling green yet. Insiders told us Siggi was fed up and had lost support of Barclays' management.

Separately, Meredith Whitney, the US banking analyst who said last year that investment banks had 50,000 redundancies to go and that bankers should accept 35%-40% pay cuts, has made another dire prediction. Job cuts on Wall Street will be a "slow bleed", Whitney told Bloomberg.  She said there will be continued, "stealth cuts," along with a focus on eking out the bottom line: "This isn't sexy stuff."  Much the same could be said about investment banking nowadays.


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