Lunchtime Links: How a thirty five year old blonde ex-model turned banker made herself £30m

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Remember Amanda Staveley, the beautiful blonde ex-girlfriend of Prince Andrew who brokered the transaction with Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi which helped save Barclays after the financial crisis? Euromoney has been party to some emails showing that Staveley was very well rewarded for her part in the deal: she made £30m.

At lunchtime on April 30th 2009, Staveley received an email from her private banker on the Isle of Man, said Euromoney. Therein was confirmation that a sum of  £29.5 million ($45.7 million) had just been deposited into her bank account. Staveley made considerably more than anyone else on the deal: according to Euromoney, entire teams of bankers at JPMorgan and Credit Suisse were paid just £900k. Curiously, Euromoney points out that Staveley was paid by Barclays and not by Sheikh Mansour (who it's estimate made around £1.5bn from the transaction.)

As Staveley is based in Dubai, her fee is likely to have been tax free. Staveley had to do some work it, however.  A former part time model, she arrived in the UAE in the mid-2000s and set about building a contact base. Euromoney said the £30m fee was the conclusion to hard a year of 'power schmoozing,' for which there was no guarantee that Staveley would be paid anything at all.

You can see a photograph of Amanda here. 


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