Late Links: How to game the hiring robots

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If you're applying for a job in an investment bank (or any other industry), the chances are that your application won't be read by a human being who's attuned to cultural nuances and is forgiving of CV discontinuities. It will be read by a robot.

We've looked at how to play robot recruiters before, but the Economist has a good article highlighting an additional handy tip: fill in online application forms using browsers like Chrome or Firefox, which didn't come with your computer (as opposed to Internet Explorer, which did). Analysis of 3m datapoints from 30,000 employees suggests that applicants who use Chrome and Firefox users are statistically likely to perform better and to change jobs less often. The Economist suggests that this might be because, 'people who bother to install a new browser may be the sort who take the time to reach informed decisions.'


Citigroup is making members of its electronic trading sales team redundant. (Financial News) 

Gleacher may be laying off 160 fixed income employees. (Bloomberg) 

BlueCrest has hired an asset backed securities trader. (FinAlternatives) 

What you need to get ahead in banking now: a regulatory pedigree. (Financial Times)  

The horror of being an overnight trader and working from 2am to 7am. (Financial News) 

Barclays Wealth analyst sends email suggesting he’ll steal ideas from small start-up. (Evening Standard) 

KKR has hired Hirofumi Hirano, the former chairman of Nikko Principal Investments Japan, to head its operations in the country. (Bloomberg) 

Beware social norming and primal crowd following. (Farnam Street)

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