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Six CVs that will get you a financial services job before Easter

It may be freezing cold (in London) or raining (in New York), but theoretically we are on the cusp of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. And with the appearance of the new plant life, it would be nice to think that people might also be able to walk into a new job.

We asked a selection of senior financial services recruiters in London, New York and Hong Kong, which kinds of CVs they’d most like to appear in their inboxes this afternoon. Their answers are below. These are the people who will get hired soonest. Anyone else may have to wait.

1. Top rated oils analysts in London

“Top rated oil analysts are the most placeable people right now in sellside research,” said Zaki Ahmed at London-based Financial Search. “Oil is one of the biggest sectors and there’s a lot of activity going on with one or two big banks and boutiques trying to hire people,” he added – declining to elaborate further.

2. Electronic trading professionals in New York

Michael Karp, chief executive and co-founder of international search firm Options Group said the big push in the US is for, “highly qualified electronic trading professionals, both in fixed income and equities.

“People who know about electronic trading and who can work on algorithms are the ones who are most wanted and respected right now,” Karp added.

3. High yield credit traders in Hong Kong

“There’s demand here for good quality credit guys in high yield,” said Sarah Spencer at search firm Sheffield Haworth in Hong Kong. “Credit in Asia had a very strong finish to 2012 and banks now have more appetite to hire. So far it’s mostly on the trading side,” she added.

4. Basel III modellers in Hong Kong 

Mark Verrall, practice director at recruitment firm MRIC in Hong Kong, said that from his perspective the big demand is for Basel Modellers. “Basel III is something that all banks need to comply with, but very few people seem to have experience of modelling it,” said Verrall.

Verrall would particularly like to be sent the CV of a Cantonese-speaking Basel Modeller, who could then work for a local bank. “In that case, I would write myself a cheque,” he told us.

5. Government bond traders in London

A partner at one London-based fixed income search firm who asked not to be named, said she would particularly like to receive CVs from people who can build businesses. “Banks want people who can build P&L in areas that aren’t too capital intensive,” she said. “Within rates, there’s quite a bit going on in government bond trading, particularly in hedge funds,” she added.

6. Proven, high quality, senior M&A bankers in London 

Finally, one senior M&A headhunter (who also asked not to be named), said she’s working on 12 searches right now – all of them with a different focus. However, she said banks all have one over-arching preference. “They want people who can demonstrate quality in their CV. It’s not just a question of working at a top institution, they want someone who can demonstrate that they delivered an excellent outcome at that institution. I want to look at a CV and to know that if I start to ask for references for that person, I will be told what an exceptional banker they are,” she said.

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  1. where are the CV’s. Waste of time.

  2. Need some tips regarding the cover note/letter. How do I impress the potential employer? I don’t seem to get a response even after I cover all the areas mentioned in the vacancy. I know market conditions are not too good at the moment but still it is so depressing not to hear back from the employer after you apply for a job. What is your advice? Bythe way I’m an accountant. I wonder if my age is against me as I’m just over 40.

    Thanks for your comments.


  3. A totally misleading headline with the jobs that are currently in demand and nothing to do with CVs

  4. Where are the cv’s? Tips on covering letters would be good too.

  5. How do I impress the potential employer? Even though I cover all the areas mentioned in a job ad I don’t seem to get a response from the employer. I am a banker, a sales manager and a customer service executive. Please advise me.

  6. Interestingly enough, as a recruiter I don’t spend much time analyzing the cover letter. The information that is important to me is in the resume. I’m not sure there is usually much credible and useful information in a cover letter.

    You should send a note with your resume, but I recommend it simply says you are interested in discussing the position and request a time and/or contact details that you may call to find out more.


  7. “Be what they want, not what you are… ”
    They (employers) want something and they will not change their mind just because you. There are lots of people where to pick from, so be want they want and you might have a chance…

  8. CV samples please. This is totally misleading!!!!

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