Late Lunchtime Links: Ex-banker lands role paying £127k a year for 29 hours' work a week

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Accommodating bankers

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How can you get out of banking, enjoy a little leisure time, and yet still earn a reasonable sum? Gerard Lyons, former chief economist for Standard Chartered, seems to have hit upon the solution: you can work for Boris Johnson.

It emerged today that Lyons, who left Standard Chartered after 13 years last week, will be working for the Major of London as his chief economic adviser from January. Lyons will earn £127k a year for 29 hours' work a week, reports the Times. Lyons looks well compensated compared to his boss: Johnson earns a mere £144k as mayor, although this was supplemented by £900k of freelance earnings in the last tax year.

Unfortunately, there don't appear to be other highly paid part time jobs on offer with Boris, or if there are they are not being advertised. The Greater London Authority is currently advertising only one position: a senior press officer for the Conservative Party on £36k.


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