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The seven best jobs for ‘Rooster bankers’ in Asia

Bankers in Asia

The Year of the Rooster is (almost) upon us – and for most banking professionals in Asia that means holidays, followed by bonuses.

But what kind of banking roles are specifically suited to so-called ‘Roosters’ – people born in previous Rooster years such as 1969, 1981 or 1993?

We matched typical Rooster personality traits in Chinese astrology to seven finance job functions and produced the list below.

1. Corporate banking

Roosters are known to be amusing, charming and talkative – they enjoy the limelight. “Relationship management roles within corporate banks are people-based and require you to be personable and charismatic,” says Adam Johnston, a managing director at recruiters Robert Half. “As the job involves the acquisition of new corporate clients, you must be outgoing and comfortable in a social setting,” says Natasha Ishak, a manager at recruitment firm Hays. Developing relationships and spotting clients’ needs also mean you must be “observant and hardworking” – two areas where Roosters have an edge, she adds.

2. Compliance advisory

“Compliance advisory is a highly reactive and sensitive function that requires professionals to be very outspoken, honest and have a sense of timeliness for trades to be done,” says Sid Sibal, a manager of financial services at Hudson. “You must also be vigilant and confident to ensure trades comply with regulations – these are all classic characteristics of Roosters.” While the year of one’s birth sign is generally the unluckiest in the 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle, the ‘Jin Kui star’ may help Roosters in 2017 – if they can demonstrate ‘creativity’. “Compliance people who find creative solutions for complex trades will be more sought after,” says Sibal.

3. Information security

“Information security and data privacy is a job function in high demand at banks in Asia. Having integrity is key in these roles and Roosters are known for this trait,” says Christina Ng, executive director at LMA Recruitment. “Their resourceful nature enables them to perform well as you have to outsmart anyone else in the bank who might be attempting to sneak data out of the organisation.”

4. Investment analysts

Rooster resourcefulness is also crucial in this job. “Handling intense research, finding information that’s not readily available, and dealing with internal and external stakeholders on a frequent basis means investment analysts must be very resourceful,” says Lim Chaileng, director of banking, finance and accounting at recruiters Randstad. “They also need to be confident – a Rooster trait – to be able to make investment recommendations.”

5. Senior investment bankers

“During the deal sourcing phase, investment bankers need resourcefulness to reach out to their networks and find opportunities. And when bidding for deals, which may take up to 24 months, they need the Rooster quality of perseverance,” says Ishak from Hays. “Rooster traits are particularly valuable in IB these days. For example, with high levels of competition for deals in Southeast Asia, you need to be confident in managing client relationships and sourcing transactions,” says Jay Abeyasinghe, associate director of financial services at recruiters Morgan McKinley in Singapore.

6. Internal audit

“Those born in the Year of the Rooster are said to have good soft skills and the ability to fluently interact with other people,” says Gary Lai, Southeast Asia managing director at recruiters Charterhouse Partnership. “Internal auditors increasingly need these communication skills because they face internal stakeholders within their banks. They often need to be courageous enough to demand constant information and challenge the front-office.”

7. Private banking

“Rooster traits all point towards one job: private banker,” says Farida Charania, APAC CEO of search firm Nastrac Group. “These guys need to be: resourceful (for example, looking at properties clients can invest in); courageous (it takes guts to manage millions); confident (to tell wealthy people where to invest their money); outspoken (you must sometimes be very assertive); and loyal (so clients will stick with you in good times and bad).”

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