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The top-10 most popular Asian articles on eFC this year

Asian banking

From serial job-hoppers to overpaid interns: we reveal the most popular Asia-focused articles among Singapore and Hong Kong readers in 2016.

1. The top 10 companies finance professionals in Asia want to work for

Who are the most popular employers that Asian financial professionals want to work for?

2. This is what your private banking salary and bonus should be in Singapore

With so many private banks hiring in Singapore, here’s how your private banking salary and bonus stack up.

3. “I recruit for a big bank in Asia. This is what the job market is really like”

I spend my working hours recruiting for an American bank in Singapore. This is what I’ve learnt about the job market here.

4. The highest paying investment banking internships in Singapore

We reveal the banks in Singapore that pay the biggest intern salaries.

5. What you need to know about 2016 Hong Kong banking bonuses

Worried about your Hong Kong banking bonus? You probably should be.

6. “I keep job hopping, but I keep getting promoted”

How have I job hopped across several banks in Asia but not put my career in jeopardy? Let me explain.

7. 10 Singapore finance jobs that pay $10k a month after just three years

You want a S$10k monthly salary by the time you’re an associate. These are the finance jobs where that’s possible

8. The outstanding 20-somethings who’ve just joined HSBC in Hong Kong and Singapore

If you’re hoping to get a graduate job at HSBC, you will need to live up to these high standards.

9. Seven Singapore and Hong Kong jobs that banks just can’t find candidates for

Some Asian banking jobs have proved almost impossible to fill in recent months. If you work in one of these fields, consider yourself in high demand.

10. Private bankers in Hong Kong and Singapore fired after just six months

Private banks in Asia are dealing increasingly brutally with new relationship managers who fail to meet tough short-term targets.

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