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Daily Dispatches: UBS to hire more private bankers in Asia

Earnings growth

Yet another sign that global private banks are pinning their expansions hopes on Asia. Jürg Zeltner, the chief executive of UBS Wealth Management, has told the South China Morning Post that he wants to grow the bank’s invested assets in Asia Pacific.

Under Zeltner’s plan, such assets will reach 20% or more of the bank’s global total in the “medium to long term”, up from 12.2% at the end of last year. UBS Wealth Management, which currently employs about 1,000 client relationship managers in Asia Pacific, was also looking to hire more staff, he added.

UBS faces a tough battle for talent in Asia as other private banks are looking to expand to take advantage of economic growth and the increasing number of high-net-worth individuals in the region. Coutts, for example, is also hiring.

Net new money flowing into UBS Wealth Management from clients in Asia Pacific went up by 9.3% in the final three months of 2012, which more than offset outflows from the firm’s European operations during the same quarter.

Pollution problems (WSJ)
Executives exit Beijing over air quality concerns.

Commodities riches (FT)
The world’s top commodities traders have pocketed nearly $250 billion over the last decade, making the individuals and families that control the largely privately-owned sector big beneficiaries of the rise of China and other emerging countries.

Bond billions (Shanghai Daily)
Standard Chartered has raised 5 billion yuan in the Chinese interbank bond market, the largest yuan-dominated bond sale by a foreign bank in China.

Low cost (Sydney Morning Herald)
Australian bank funding costs have fallen to the lowest level since the global financial crisis.

Copper concerns (Straits Times)
Trader Glencore is expected to agree to concessions this week to ease Chinese worries over its grip on the supply of copper.

Growing share (Finance Asia)
Asia’s biggest companies are taking a growing share of global revenues, but strong brands are still lacking.

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