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The top universities for technology jobs at banks in the UK

When banks in the UK want students for their technology analyst programmes in the UK, where do they turn? Not, seemingly, to exactly the same universities they recruit their front office analysts from. An analysis of the top universities for technology jobs at banks in the UK reveals several of banks’ all-time favourite universities on the top ten list, and some huge surprises.

We looked at 5,000 CVs of technologists with between one and five years’ experience in our database. They revealed that while banks hire the most technologists from Cambridge University and London’s Imperial College, they also recruit heavily from the likes of Brunel University, Manchester University and Queen Mary University in London.

The inclusion of Cambridge and Imperial is no surprise – both run the top computing courses in the UK according to the Complete University Guide. Similarly, Goldman Sachs is running its new technology apprenticeship programme in conjunction with Queen Mary University, which clearly has links to finance.

Brunel University in particular looks like an anomaly though. Its computing faculty ranks 45th according to the Complete University Guide and it’s not a big name, so what makes banks hire there? It may have something to do with a financial computing course run by Brunel in the past, or the fact that Brunel is on the outskirts of London and its students take years out for work experience at the likes of Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and Morgan Stanley.

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  1. Brunel not a big name? Ask an Engineer over the age of 50.

    It’s Queen Mary, University of London – not “Queen Mary University”.

  2. The absolute numbers and table presented here may be misleading. The best way to get into Banking Tech is to do a summer internship or even better a one year work placement. The placement students have longer to show what they can do.

    You want Computer Science departments which are supportive of getting students into internships and/or have an industrial placement programme. Bath University for example has a small Comp Sci department, but a very high percentage of the annual cohort will do a work placement at a bank and get a subsequent job offer. It’s a numbers game. So if you want to get into Banking Tech, doing industrial placements on Comp Sci courses at Bath, Imperial, Warwick etc who all have proven links to banking HR departments will stand you in good stead.

  3. Reputation or not, Brunel has some well known finance academics e.g. in maths. Don’t know how much that contributes to the numbers, but it may be a factor.

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