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J.P. Morgan Londres – Back-Office (stage)


Why J.P. Morgan?

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J.P. Morgan is a leading company in banking and financial services. The company takes great care in training and development. Thanks to this vocational training, I would be able to develop my skills and knowledge of finance. J.P. Morgan is innovative and recognized for its excellence on a global scale toward its employees and clients. The multicultural facet of the company is also a great chance to be in relation with the “full of life” world of finance. Working with people from all around the world would enable me to discover new cultures and news ways of working and thinking. At last, J.P. Morgan is deeply committed to economic, social and environmental responsibility.


Why Operations (back-office) ?

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Operations is the division that supports J.P. Morgan global business therefore this area presents a wide variety of challenging assignments for an intern. It is the best choice in order to have an overall vision of the activities developed by J.P. Morgan all over the world. In this division, I would be able to learn more about financial services, and most of all, the way to meet best the clients’ needs.


Tell me about a financial story/non financial story that had taken your interest at the moment ?

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I read that HSBC was raising capital. It’s an amazing event at the present time. We are in the midst of the crisis and HSBC is raising capital ! It shows really the strength of this bank while others are asking for their governments’ help. It is particularly interesting because it underlines that even in times of turmoil, it is always possible to grow and develop your activities, especially thanks to mergers & acquisitions. J.P. Morgan increased significantly its business thanks to the acquisition of Bear Stearn for instance.

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