The best universities for getting a job at Morgan Stanley in the U.S, Europe and Asia within M&A, trading, risk and ops

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Like most investment banks, Morgan Stanley only hires a select few applicants – 2%, if you want to make it on to an internship alone. And, in-keeping with its peers Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan, those who do make the cut tend to hail from Ivy League universities.

In fact, Morgan Stanley is arguably more elitist than its U.S. competitors when it comes to university selection. While J.P. Morgan has a large proportion of hires from Asian universities and Goldman Sachs features two London universities in the top ten, Morgan Stanley’s predominantly came from the Ivy League.

Analysis of the 31,000 Morgan Stanley employees on the eFinancialCareers CV database offers little hope to students at lower tier universities hoping to break into the U.S. bank.

Columbia University is the top-ranked school, followed by London School of Economics (LSE) and then University of Pennsylvania. Only three non-U.S. universities – LSE, University of Hong Kong, Indian Institute of Technology - make our top 15.

Unsurprisingly, U.S. universities’ dominance is greatest in their home country, which is where the majority of Morgan Stanley employees are based. Only the LSE breaks up the ranking of top U.S. schools, but it comes in at a not very impressive 16th.

The LSE comes in fourth in Asia, where there’s a similar bias towards local universities. In Europe, top U.S universities do make the rankings, but London colleges – LSE, University College London and Imperial College London – make up the top three. The University of Warwick also makes the top five, but this is primarily because it supplies so many recruits into the investment banking operations sector.

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