The best universities for getting a job at J.P. Morgan in the U.S., Europe and Asia within M&A, trading, risk and ops

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You're up against some stiff competition if you want a job at J.P. Morgan: the bank receives 45 CVs for every job it advertises. It helps, therefore, to study at the universities that JPM likes to hire from.

Columbia University is the best college for getting into J.P. Morgan, followed by London School of Economics and the usual Ivy League suspects. But unlike Goldman Sachs, which predominantly hires from elite U.S. universities, J.P. Morgan also targets students at Asian colleges.

Of the 26,800 employees of J.P. Morgan on the eFinancialCareers database, more went to Columbia University than anywhere else. But the University of Hong Kong was also in the top five, and the National University of Singapore made the top ten.

While graduates of the University of Hong Kong work in M&A for J.P. Morgan, they rank much higher in the risk management and operations sector. And - unsurprisingly - the vast majority of them work for J.P. Morgan in Asia.

In the U.S, local universities win-out. The University of Pennsylvania comes in second in the region, while Cornell, Harvard and New York University make up the remainder of the top five. Of the Ivy League, Dartmouth, Stanford and Yale all fail to make the top ten. Instead, our data suggests that Northwestern, Georgetown and Boston University all supply more J.P. Morgan employees in the U.S.

The LSE, which ranks second as the provider of staff to J.P. Morgan globally, predictably dominates the European J.P. Morgan rankings. London universities win out here – Imperial College London, and University College London all make the top five, along with Harvard and Cambridge University.

Overall, the LSE appears the best option for a front office job at J.P. Morgan – it tops the M&A rankings and comes in second among J.P. Morgan employees working in trading. Columbia is top in trading, but also leads the rankings in risk management. Meanwhile, the University of St Andrews, which ranks 29th overall, is nonetheless the top university for operations at J.P. Morgan.

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