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The 13 most interesting investment banks on Twitter right now

Banks twitter

As a finance professional, you’re unlikely to while away your day on Twitter – banks’ firewalls will prevent this for a start – but if you can spend some time there it’s worth it.

An increasing number of traders and bankers are starting accounts, usually anonymously and often accessed through their smart phones, so it’s a good way to find out about market intelligence and to meet your peers.

But what about the banks themselves? Predictably, many were late to the game and – at first – most Twitter accounts were stolid devices for pumping out corporate messages. Forays into more inactive Tweets have not gone well – a Twitter Q&A organised by J.P. Morgan in 2013 resulted in a tirade of abuse. Has this changed?

Well, according to social media analytics firm, Klout, large investment banks are big influencers on Twitter. They have hundreds of thousands of followers and are viewed as ‘experts’ on issues as diverse as careers or dance. Banks’ Twitter accounts still primarily toe the corporate line, however, even if there’s evidence that it’s becoming a more interactive and important tool. These are the best banks on Twitter now.

1. Goldman Sachs

Influence score: 90

Areas of ‘expertise’: Asset Management, Banking, Business News, Brazil

Followers: 481k

Evidence of social savviness:

Congratulating Kylie:


2. Bank of America

Influence score: 89 Areas of ‘expertise’: Aaliyah, Atlanta, Banking, Business, Dance Followers: 434k Evidence of social savviness:  Retweeting something mentioning Vice: 

=3. Morgan Stanley

Influence score: 87

Areas of ‘expertise’: Asset Management, Banking, Business, China, Citigroup)

Followers: 296k

Highlighting genuinely interesting employees: 

=3. Deutsche Bank

Influence score: 87 Areas of ‘expertise’: Banking, Business, Economics, China, Europe, Forex) Followers: 428k Evidence of social savviness:  Using Twitter for brainteasers:  Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 13.23.05

=3. Credit Suisse

Influence score: 87 Areas of ‘expertise’: Asset Management, Banking, Business, Financial Services Followers: 194k Evidence of social savviness:  Hashtagging fintech, the secret to a Twitter buzz…

Areas of ‘expertise’: Asset management, Banking, Careers

Followers: 192k

Evidence of social savviness: 

Following only nine people, and shouting out to influencers (who are admittedly on the payroll):

6. UBS:

Influence score: 86 Areas of ‘expertise’: Asset management, Banking, Careers Followers: 192k

Evidence of social savviness: 

Bigging up an influencer (albeit one on the payroll)

7. Royal Bank of Scotland

Influence score: 80 Areas of ‘expertise’: Banking, business, Careers, Debt, Economics Followers: 36.5k Evidence of social savviness:  RBS uses Twitter largely for self-promotion, but has retweeted some worthy causes: 

8. Société Générale

Influence score: 78 Areas of ‘expertise’: Asset Management, Banking, Finance, Entrepreneurship Followers: 32.3k Evidence of social savviness:  Amusing photos of early French rugby players: 

9. Citi

Influence score: 74 Areas of ‘expertise’: Banking, China, Credit cards, Davos Followers: 800k Evidence of social savviness:  Keeping the Citi choir going long after the BBC cameras have gone:

10. J.P. Morgan

Influence score: 70

Areas of ‘expertise’: Accounting, Banking, Careers

Followers: 234k

Evidence of social savviness: 

Useful career advice consistently rolled out: 

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 13.51.49

11. Barclays

Influence score: 67

Areas of expertise: Accounting, Africa, Analytics, Apps, Banking, Business

Followers: 158k

Evidence of social savviness: 

Not much. Barclays’ Twitter account is not overly active and is entirely company business related. 

12. Royal Bank of Canada

Influence score: 64

Areas of ‘expertise’: Accounting, Alberta, Banking, British Columbia, Business, Calgary

Followers: 75.9k

Evidence of social savviness: 


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 13.59.08

13. BNP Paribas

Influence score: 36

Followers: 47.1k

Evidence of social savviness: 

Oscar Gif!:

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 14.02.06




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