Morning Coffee: 33 year-old ethical ex-Goldman banker fans Greek Furies. 4 hedge funds that are hiring

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Jaber Jabbour

Doing battle over Greece

Goldman Sachs might wish it had never hired Jaber Jabbour. Named as one of the Financial News' rising stars under 40 in 2012, Jabbour left Goldman's London office in November 2008. The Imperial College graduate has since set up 'Ethos Capital Advisors', a firm that helps governments restructure debt, and has cropped up at various awkward moments.

Jabbour's latest prod to Goldman comes in the form of a letter reportedly sent to the Greek government suggesting that it set about 'clawing back' some of the hundreds of millions of dollars that were paid to Goldman Sachs to massage Greek debt down to a level which enabled the country to enter the eurozone in the first place. Jabbour reportedly suggests that now is the time to, "right historical wrongs" and reclaim the money to help reduce current Greek indebtedness.

Jabbour has form. At Ethos, he's already helped Portugal to renegotiate its debts. And while he worked for Goldman he was reportedly castigated by the bank for questioning a contentious trade the bank conducted on behalf of the Libyan Sovereign Wealth Fund. As a result of his queries about this Libyan deal, Jabbour reportedly feared losing his job at Goldman and being deported from the UK (he's Syrian). Instead, he set up Ethos aged 30 in 2012 and is still firmly around. Jabbour clearly likes a fight: he ran as a Conservative MP for Western Scotland in the last UK election and was roundly beaten by the Scottish National Party.  

Separately, the Financial Times says Brevan Howard is thinking of repatriating its hedge fund managers from Switzerland because they're, "quite bored", and have left their families in London. The FT points out that several large hedge funds are hiring in London at the moment, including: Chris Rokos' new hedge fund; Steve Cohen's family office, Everett Capital Advisors, being launched by an ex-employee of the hedge fund Taconic, and 'another fund being set up by traders from QVT.'


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