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Two very strange things happened during the CFA exams on Saturday

CFA exam

Gliding through the CFA

Did you take the CFA exams on Saturday? Did anything slightly odd happen to you?

If not, you were lucky. Because strange things did happen, for sure.

In LA a man was reportedly seen rollerblading around the exam room.

And in New York, one candidate tweeted (and subsequently seems to have deleted) that, “I’ve still never experienced a truly crazy #cfa story, but today the dude in front of me did push ups which is at least notable.” Elsewhere, an unfortunate candidate in Bahrain complained that he wasn’t admitted to the exam because he’d sent his passport off to an embassy to apply for a Visa and it hadn’t been sent back on time: “I went to the test center with two national IDs, a copy of my current passport with a proof that’s it’s with the embassy and an original old passport. But they did not let me in.”

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  1. I got a crazy CFA story – Level 2 candidates in Los Angeles during the morning session had an impromptu “medical emergency” break….from a proctor nonetheless. So everyone had to stop what they were doing without notice (completely losing your place in the question you were working on) and pack the exam book and question sheet away for 15 minutes. We couldn’t use the restroom, get water or anything during our forced break. And when the exam re-started, they DIDN”T EVEN GIVE US ALL THE LOST TIME BACK. So not only did we get less time, we got even less time fully focused and our lunch break was shortened by 15 minutes….Have correspondence from the CFAI where they basically say “tough luck” too, per CFA Institute “globally, on average, everyone got the same amount of time”.

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