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Will you be worked to death at the Big Four too?

Stuart Drinkwater

It's not just banking

Long working hours and IBD are like blurred vision and inebriation – well documented and deleterious to health if they go on for too long. But how about long working hours and the Big Four? They can be an issue too.

We know this because we have it on good authority that the ‘viral video’ of ‘Stu in Tokyo’ – the young finance worker who works from 9.30am to 11.30pm every weekday and then 10 hours on a Sunday – isn’t of a young analyst or associate in an investment bank, and is of an associate at a Big Four accounting firm in Toyko.

The Stu in question didn’t respond to our attempts to get in touch through his work email, and we don’t want to blow his cover. Suffice to say, he’s an associate-level employee working in risk consulting and financial audit at one of the big global accounting firms in Japan.

So, it seems that young bankers aren’t the only ones living on granola and takeaways after all. Worse, as we pointed out before – Stu has to make his own packed lunches in the little time he has at the end of his days. Unlike banking, there are no omelet stations in audit…

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  1. I can confirm from my personal experiences that this indeed can happen as it did to me. The longest week I had was right after joining one of the big four companies almost two years ago – before the week was over I already passed the barrier of 90 hours being spent in the office. The overall chargeability rate after a year with the firm was well above 100%.

  2. Electing for the big four (with punitive attitudes towards chargeable time ( even though this cost is a ‘metric’ and not passed on to the client)) in Japan, a country with a word, ‘karoshi’ for death by overwork, seems a pretty poor decision by Stu. He should either suck it up and endure it, or leave. He won’t wish he worked any more hours on his death bed.

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