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Where in the world you will earn most as an MBA


If you subscribe to the idea that, post-MBA, the world is your oyster when it comes to employment opportunities, it’s worth knowing where you can earn the most.

In its new Jobs & Salary trends report, QS TopMBA has the answer, and it’s rather surprising. If you want to maximise your earning potential as an MBA, go to Australia.

The strong Australian dollar, combined with the fact that companies in the country are competing for MBAs from top business schools from across Asia, has helped push up average remuneration to $133.1k, suggests the research. Considering no other Asia-Pacific countries ranked in QS’s top 10, there’s a clear incentive to move to Australia. Bonuses of $15k on average also increased the figure.

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Switzerland, which has a high cost of living, and Denmark, where it’s possible to pay 51.5% income tax, also rank highly for MBA pay, with the UK coming in fourth.

The figures do, however, seem a bit low, with the FT rankings of MBAs suggesting average salaries of $120-180k at business schools making it into the top 20.

However, here are the top 10 countries for MBA pay, according to QS’s research.


Comments (5)

  1. Great, all you need to do though is to actually land a bloody job!
    Australian attitudes to the MBA are one of contempt, thinking that those with an MBA think we’re somehow overqualified elitists, or a threat when all we want to do is actually work!
    Little wonder Australia, despite being a great country in many ways, has never really been a world leader in business. And yes, I have an MBA.

  2. OK but is this salary first year or after 10 years. What are we looking at?

  3. Truck drivers in Australian mines still make more than $133,000 and that’s during the current mining recession. They also get free accomodation and food. It’s interestng to note Engineers and MBA Managers made $300,000 to $500,000 a year on contract, but during recessions they will be back on salary with unpaid overtime and will make less than truck drivers doing shift work.

    In the end it’s about supply & demand

    Mining Industry Reply
  4. Many Australian employers know what an MBA is, but look at websites and job ads to see if anyone is looking for someone who has one. In the main, In Australia, people who work part time and get an MBA are ticking the box and it carries little value. With the exception of about 8 positions per year in Sydney and maybe 8 more in Melbourne, the only MBA positions are for the top consulting firms. Miss these, and you rely on your pre MBA qualifications to land a job.

    Some people who do MBA’s already can earn high salaries, so that explains the high number.

    MBA with own biz Reply
  5. It depends on where you do your MBA, there are quite a few run of the mill MBA’s out there. You really need to shop around and do proper research before signing up to a business school. If you do it at somewhere elite like AGSM or MBS than the above salary is about correct for a 3 month graduate and the world is your oyster. You almost certainly won’t get into a top Australian consulting firm unless you do it at a prestigious business school because they only advertise and accept students from such business schools.

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