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You are Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs

Lloyd Blankfein's sons came and went from Goldman

Lloyd Blankfein's sons came and went from Goldman

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  1. Can’t believe it!

  2. Nice comparison to such a notable and accomplished chap.
    Someone, starting off as insecure, can be well grounded in overcoming it through constantly challenging themselves through learning and seeing failure as an opportunity to grow and become better. Insodoing they can properly guide and develop a corporate staff to view their position as a similar opportunity to grow and develop, and perhaps become better than those already higher up on the corporate food chain.
    Management by walking around: Always be visible. Learn by the old sage who said, “Two days work before noon”. Start work early, then watch how everyone arrives a nd settles in to their jobs. Always help them to grow and improve. Be sociable when possible, but it’s not a personality contest. Smile with colleagues on your way up becuase you may pass them again on the way down.
    Lastly, the corporation has a mission containing expressed and implied targets, and guidelines. A leader has to be the corporate advocate for carrying these out. SImilarly, all those at lower levels must be playing the same tune and keeping the beat.

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