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This is what you can earn as a quant in London, New York, Paris, Singapore or Hong Kong

Archetypal quant

We have some figures for quant salaries from recruitment firm Selby Jennings. They hark back from November, but we are assured they remain correct. They are presented below, without comment.


Comments (7)

  1. Go see what the quants say about them on quant forums …

  2. Cityhag is about to say something…

  3. she’s just not sure what.

  4. Cityhag has been told she is posting comments too quickly. Maybe a bit like some analysts, eh?!

  5. Cityhag is retiring for the next six hours. Pls note cityhag does not define this time as ‘night’. And also does not fancy vampire people. I like folk with blood. And guts. Just so you know.

  6. This makes London look really quite crappy compared to NYC…

    DukeOfLancasterVI Reply
  7. This looks like base salaries only in London?

    reluctantquant Reply

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