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Anticipate discrete enquiries about your private life during hedge fund interviews

If you have spent the weekend in an orgy of self-indulgence, do not divulge this during a job interview. Especially do not say so during a job interview with a buff, European, health-conscious hedge fund manager at one of London’s newer hedge funds.

The hedge fund manager in question, who declined to be named, but is a BarCap banker turned alternative investment professional, says he has a stock of interview questions intended to elicit the nature of candidates’ lives external to work.

“It’s a touchy area, but we ask a lot of questions around personal life,” he tells us. “We don’t think people change much in terms of how they behave inside and outside work.”

In particular, he is keen to probe how people organise their time. “We want people with discipline,” he adds. “If someone gets up early, goes to the gym and looks after themselves, that’s a good sign. We don’t want someone who stays out until 4am.”

Questions asked to elicit this information include:

“What do you enjoy doing outside work?”

“What kind of exercise do you do?”

“Give an example when you have juggled competing priorities in a non-work situation.”

“We try to be very discreet,” says the hedge fund manager. “We do get some people who say they like to party at the weekend, and we would reject those.”

Comments (11)

  1. not that “personal” if you ask me. I have being asked similar questions like those before.

    Col. Muammar Gaddafi Reply
  2. “We do get some people who say they like to party at the weekend, and we would reject those.”
    wtf? is the fund in question named something like Saint Augustine Capital Partners?

  3. Hehe, I know a lot of very talented Hedge Fund managers that wouldn’t get a shot at a job at this firm! Doesnt mean they dont do to th e gym as well, but they defini9tely like partying!

  4. I would walk away from a rubbish company asking inappropriate questions. When everybody does that they will stop asking such questions.

  5. Do you think they’d mind someone who stayed out until 3:55am instead or possibly a little later?

    Never mind the silliness, but surely you wouldn’t be dense enough to actually tell your potential future employer; ‘yeah I go out, too right! Partying like there’s no tomorrow getting smashed and rocking up home at 4am’.

    Surely you just lie… no? If you get the job then you can go on a bender till 4am.

    curiosity killed the cat Reply
  6. I never party till 4am

  7. Admittedly they are at a more junior level in various Funds..but i can vouch that young “Hedgies” of my acquaintance do more exercising through their nose than than at the Gym and certainly more than their average Bank peer group

  8. I only attend Bunga Bunga parties. Is this allowed?

  9. I stay out until at least 5am but then do loads of exercise so I should be fine.

  10. well basically the question

    “What do you do when you go out” is just a preliminary questions to see how stupid and naive you are

    Nobody really care what you doing in your private life, but as professional you are expected to have the decency to lie and avoid mentioning that before this interview u were out until 5am doing coke and banging essex girls

  11. I’m toast!

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